The smells and aromas also mark the identity of a house. Not only a coherent decoration and with good taste defines the home. A beautiful stay, in an environment of doubtful or unpleasant odour, tends to cloud it and destroy the first impression it makes on our guests. And it is that smells are inevitable in inhabited houses, which are ‘alive’and inside of which things happen: we prepare food, we go to the bathroom, we open the windows -for good and bad-, there are pets, and in the worst case, we smoke. All this amalgam of smells is unwelcoming and unpleasant, but the inhabitants do not usually notice it because the sense of smell gets used to it. What happens when we visit other homes? Is not it true that we perceive smells and aromas-good or bad-with more intensity?1. Hallway and hallway: ideal strategic points to scent and generate a continuity with the same aroma. For example, if the hall leads to a central room, such as the living room, and opens onto a hallway, place identical air fresheners to create a uniform and serene environment that neutralises the smells coming from the kitchen or bathrooms. In this climate, an intense but fresh fragrance is recommended: natural herbs, lavender, green tea, aloe vera, citrus fruits, tropical fruits …If you want to prepare a homemade air freshener, mix a few drops of concentrated essential oils -which you can find in herbalists- with water. Place the mixture in a container and introduce rods or wooden sticks in the manner of mikados. With the remaining amount fill a sprayer and use it with some frequency to strengthen the aromatic environment.2. Kitchen: a good absorbent of odours – in addition to proper ventilation and the use of the hood to eliminate smoke – is the best option for the kitchen, where absolute neutrality must reign. An appropriate remedy for a home is to mix water with vinegar and place it in a holed container on the countertop. This combination is also suitable for spraying and cleaning furniture surfaces, thus achieving the double objective of eliminating grease and dirt, and ending odours. To prepare the formula, get a glass of water and dilute vinegar half a lifetime, or apple. Two more glasses of water are added to this mixture, and it is stirred in a bottle or spray, and we already have a neutraliser of odours and homemade cleaner as effective.3. Bathrooms: for bathrooms, it is always advisable to opt for an aroma as fresh and clean as possible. Plug-in air fresheners with the regulator – from maximum to minimum – are very active and able to neutralise the pest and smell of moisture. In the toilet bowl, it is also advisable, in addition to proper disinfection, to use an air freshener product and to keep it clean for a longer time. Another trick that works very well is to deposit droplets of concentrated essential oils behind the toilet and the vidé. Scented candles are another option, not only useful but also very relaxing at certain times, such as when we take a relaxing shower to end the day, before going to sleep. You can also check:  Tricks to aromatise the bathroom4. Bedrooms: how do I perfume the bedroom pleasantly and quietly? In these rooms, it is recommended to create relaxing environments that help us rest and sleep. Floral perfumes like gardenia and jasmine are very appropriate, and in addition to choosing softeners for bedding in this aromatic line, we can soak sticks and gently pass them through sheets and pillows. We can also perfume cotton balls and place them in strategic points so that when we enter the room, we will be invaded by that pleasant aroma.


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