The Book of EliThe Book of Eli was set in the post-apocalyptic world that was destroyed by the Nuclear War, it described that the lead actor was living in a ruined America.

This film was become a inspiration because it tackles about the risks that conquer crises, such as the Middle East turmoil. This state as of this generation it is a high danger of an outbreak of the nuclear war. It can be caused if the country or state whose views in life become cracked in the presence of religious aspects. This movie offers the viewers the possibility of discussing the remote origin of the nuclear war and environmental calamity that destroyed the world that Eli is living. It was the result when human corrupt the perversion that distorted the function of the sacred text of the book.

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When the protagonist gave them the latest version of the King James Bible, the movie sends a message to us that for the sake of the world to be reconstruct, it stated that for whoever heard his call would need to get all the human beings sacred text to a safer place of the refuge in the movie. With these contents it would be stored and also be able to lose their lethality. The protagonist Eli is alone traveler in America that was devastated by the nuclear war thirty years prior. The world that he is living is littered with abandoned cars, uninhibited buildings, bombed highways, and the occasional picked-clean body.

There is one guy serves as a antagonist of the movie named Carnegie. Carnegie is the crime boss that is searching on how to expand his territory and to be able to know that knowledge is one of the power in their state since not of all people know how to read books. Since Eli have the book of power he is wanted with the gang of Carnegie, Carnegie’s gang is searching for Eli because Eli is just happens to have the said power book since it is also serves as the last remaining copy in that world. That book is the Bible of King James version, in that world bible is also scarce due to a large amount of book burned after the tragedy of nuclear war and with this many rationally blamed the Christian world as a reason of the nuclear war. Between the protagonist and antagonist there are a conflict between their understanding about the power of book which is the Bible. For the antagonist Carnegie he knows that Bible can influence a lot people in the nation by hearts and minds as a weapon, but for Eli the protagonist think that he is the one that God sends to the world to protect the power or holy book and save the devastated world with the divine mercy it contains. In this movie there are some topics that can relate to our economics, just like the scarcity that everyone is experiencing in our world that we are living. There are some scarcity that the protagonist Eli is experiencing in The Book of Eli.

One example of this is the water, Eli used a lot of techniques on how to survive in that kind of world. He brings waters and weapons such as the Bible in his daily lives. For Eli it is very hard for him to survive in a world that does not have anything or even the basic need in life just like the water and the food. Water was one of the number one economic value that can be seen through out the whole episode. In this movie Eli was the one who constantly on the duty to deliver the book or the Bible to a planned destination in America. Also, I noticed that in this film Eli only carried one canteen. During the entire film it looked like the climate was very hot and dry so that constant of water is needed by Eli.

The lakes and ponds is one of the much needed in the state so that they are be able to survive or revive in that kind of place. There are times that Eli used a barter exchange to be able to get some water to his body, one of the example where he trades water from his Ipod for him to survive in that kind of environment. In this film bartering skills can be one of the reason on how you will survive. The protagonist Eli has been walking ever since, he only have his backpack, a sword, and his Ipod that have a battery that lasted for thirty years. Food also one of the scarce that they experienced, Eli tries to find wherever and whenever he can do to get his basic need in his body. He always run into a trouble just to provide a food and water for himself..

Resources may also one of the example of scarcity in the movie, since after the nuclear war in that state there are no more resources that left to the place and it gets a hard time for them to survive without a resources, food and water in one town. One of the example of this scarcity is that when Philippines experiences a furtuitous event for example flood, earthquake and typhoon. When the typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippines there are a lot of filipinos that experience scarcity when it comes to the food, shelter, water and as well as their clothes for their everyday lives. Tacloban, Leyte is the main city where the typhoon landed. A non stop raining is one of the biggest problem that Philippines have experienced, because of this it gives the Philippines a problem when it comes to the citizens of Tacloban, Leyte.

The people from Visayas seeks attention from the people who are willing to give them a help regarding to their situation. I remember that there are times that all the people who are devastated by the typhoon is currently leaving in a basketball gymnasium. With this they experience scarcity because they don’t have any supply of everything that they are need to survive for the day. All of the people there are only hoping for miracle that every people must give a donation for their food, water and clothes. But knowing all the Filipinos our faith in God is very strong, just like the protagonist in the movie Eli. Eli have a strong faith with God even he experience emptiness in his life, he always trying his best for every aspect that his life already experienced or will be experiencing. There is this one girl, Solara believes in the potentiality of Eli even Eli become so hopeless in life.

But Eli is very determined in his life because he know that with the Bible that he is carrying serves as the reason of the hope to survive in the wolrd that already experiencing scarcity. The main lesson of this movie is to have faith in God and don’t give up in everything because we people have a lot of strenghts to survive in the world.


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