The “Rwandan Genocide” happen between April and June of 1994. During just 100 days 800,000 Rwandans were killed. Some of the reasons the Genocide occurred since 1916 when Belgian colonists arrived, and produced identity cards in which Tutsis were considered to be superior to the Huts, and it was obvious Tutsis welcomed this idea because they could have better jobs, education, etc, and not surprisingly a resentment among Huts built up. More than 20,000 Tutsis were killed and many of them flied to neighbor countries as Burundi, Tanzania, and Uganda.When Belgium’s power increased and made a Rwanda independence in 1962, the Hutus had to take their place, but during decades Tutsis were compared as scapegoats for crisis. After some time some Tutsi refugees in Uganda (that were supported by some good Hutus) formed the known RPF that is the Rwandan Patriotic Front.

Their objective was to reconquer Habyarimana to have the right to return to their old home. Habyrimana was chosen to exploit a threat will bring Hutus back to their side, but Tutsis in Rwanda were accused of RPF collaborators. In August 1993, after many several attacks at least an accord was signed between Habyarimana and the known RPF, but just was for very little time.In April 1994 Habayrama’s planes was shot down and was the last piece for the Rwandan Genocide, after that in Kigali the presidential guard started a campaign of retribution.

Recruits of Hutus and Tutsis were displayed all over the Rwandan. Gangs of governments soldiers hacked a way to through the Tutsi population blowing them in churches or in another ways. Hutus started to believe that to finish all, they should wipe out the Tutsis completely. Hutu civilians were obligated, in case they were Tutsi neighbors, to kill their neighbors by military.After Habyarimana’s death RPF was in assault again. The UN in many cases tried to negotiate with the RPF for a ceasefire that never worked.

Here is shown the trajectory in this map.In July the RPF captured at least Kigali, and the government collapsed and ceasefire was started. When RPF was considered at least victorious many Hutus fled to Democratic Republic of Congo. Even though the “war” supposedly finished, some Hutu militias are in Congo causing the death of millions of people there. There’s a rebel group in Rwanda that is still active now-a-days preventing from any type of genocide.At least the Hutus are still in search of the totally end of Tutsi and all that could be considered one of the greatest massacres all over the world in which many Tutsi were massacred by the Hutus.


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