The Monkey’s Raincoat by: Robert Crais is a
detective fictional story that stars a husband and son duo disappearing,
leading to the wife hiring a private investigator to investigate the case. The
book starts off with Ellen Lang (Mort’s Wife) along with Janet Smith hiring the
private investigator Elvis Cole to find Ellen’s husband and son. Elvis finds
out that Mort was having an affair with a girl name Kimberly Marsh, who was his
girlfriend, but was conveniently out of town. Also, Mort was working with a
producer, Garrett Rice who has been apparently using drugs. When Detective Cole
investigated Garrett, he claimed that he hadn’t seen Mort for a couple weeks.
Later on, Cole goes to investigate Ellen’s house, but he finds it torn up, the
originally thing it might have been Mort coming to get things. The police show
up and investigate, but Ellen requests that they don’t get involved. Cole
leaves, but comes back to help Ellen sort through any type of records they
have. Elvis finds out the Mort had a gun registered but the gun was not at the
house. He leaves to investigate more, but he gets a call from the police. The
police informed Elvis the Mort was shot in his car. Elvis leaves to inform
Ellen on what had happened, but finds out that she was kidnapped from a perking
lot. So, Elvis goes to find Kimberly again, he finds her and a guy named Larry
at a house nearby. Kimberly claims that she was at a party with Mort a couple
days ago. That is where Elvis and Kimberly meet Dom Duran. Later on, Dom and a
couple guys go and kidnap Elvis. Dom claims that Mort had stolen loads of drugs
from him. He tries to make a deal with Elvis, that if he returns the drugs he
will hand over Perry and Ellen. Elvis comes up with a plan. He is going to
schedule a meeting to exchange everything, but Dom doesn’t carry out his part
out the deal. He sends man instead to try and kill Ellen and Elvis. To end off
with, Elvis is able to break into Dom’s house and rescues Perry. Ellen
continues to live on her life with her three children safely. 


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