The question is asked what’s youropinion of the Criminal Justice System is. Well my opinion of the criminal justicesystem is that it’s broken and in serious need of some fixing. The criminal justiceshould be in place to help individuals not hinder them. The criminal justicesystem should focus on rehabilitation instead of incarceration and criminalization.I want to tell you a story about my family and how I feel the criminal justicesystem has affected us. This story relates to my biological father and why heis now incarcerated for a crime he didn’t commit and won’t come up for paroleuntil 2042.

We’re talking about someone who had just graduated college andbecame a part of the fire department program through OSU-OKC. I will admit hegot involved with someone who had already lost three of her children to abusebut never did he think that he would be going down for something that tookplace with her youngest child that she still had custody of. Long story short,he’s incarcerated basically for the rest of his life and I’ve seen other storiesof similar situations that have taken place and the individuals have gottenoff. These have been similar cases where children have been abused and oneparent or both parents have walked away free.

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A case that is similar to my father’scase was the little girl who had both her legs broken and later passed away. Ibelieve that after all of the court dates and good lawyers and jurors theyfound her mother not guilty and she was able to walk free and this child didn’teven live. The child that I’m speaking about in my father’s case lived and hasmoved on with his life while his grandparents are taking care of him. I hate tosee my father locked up for something that he didn’t do especially to aninnocent child. Let’s not forget about the child’s mother who in the end onlygot five years for this and is now walking free and living her life without thechildren she brought into this world.

            Knowlet’s focus on the youth side of the criminal justice system. This system shouldbe here to  


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