The thesis is embedded in the field of organisational analysis, which itself falls under the management science sphere.

A systematic literature review was conducted to establish the state of this field and thus create the foundations for the subsequent development of the theoretical framework. According to Bourner (1996), a literature review should achieve the following:·         Identify relevant gaps in the literature·         Enable the author to build on existing knowledge and results·         Identify opposing views and thereby broaden one’s view of the subject area·         Identify methods that could be of relevance to the research projectThe review itself was based on queries in Harzing’s Publish or Perish (version 4.19.0) and the EBSCO data base. Publish or Perish is an academic software that shows the academic impact of authors, journals, and other relevant citations.

It retrieves articles and citations from Google Scholar and presents metrics such as total number of citations, Hirsch’s h-index, Egghe’s g-index, and the average annual increase in the individual h-index (Harzing, 2015). For the purposes of practicality, the author chose the ranking function as the primary means for identifying the top 10 articles for a specific keyword. EBSCO is a scientific database that offers several filters to limit the output of papers to the most relevant by keyword. EBSCO is particularly helpful for providing an overview of how often key-phrases or words are used in papers. The application of two review methods ensures the identification of a broad range of relevant sources.

During the literature review using Publish or Perish, hits were systematically captured in a table and ranked by number of citations. For EBSCO, keyword queries were run within the title, abstract, and main text of peer-reviewed articles. The first 10 hits were then compared with results from Publish or Perish, and in the case of new articles, added to the research literature to establish the state of the field. An excerpt of the quantitative results of this process can be found in Appendix A.


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