The Croc is an invention of the twenty first century. The Croc became popular very fast and were in high demand by many. They thought the croc would only attract the attention of boaters but they were wrong people in all different professions wanted a pair. Lyndon “Duke” Hanson is the cofounder of the Croc. He invented the shoes in 2002.

But before the shoe was created Lyndon was having some troubles written in the article Big Idea: Meet the Creator of Crocs by Cathy Garrard, Lyndon shares ” Right before Crocs got off the ground, I was  living on a friend’s couch. I’d just turned 40, my wife had left me and taken my kids, my job had dried post 9/11, I lost my house and my mother died”. Lyndons friends Scott Seamans and George Boedecker decided to take Lyndon boating in Mexico to get his mind off things. Scott had brought along a shoe he had been working on with a Canadian company. But they were having a hard time selling them. They looked just like the Croc just without the strap on the back.

So before Scott brought a pair for the three of them on this trip he added a strap so that the shoe would not fall off. Lyndon and George thought they were ugly but agreed to wear them because Scott told them how they could float in the water and how comfortable they were. After that trip they decided to start a company.

They went back to Miami and opened a warehouse. In 2002 they sold their first pairs of shoes at a boat show in Fort Lauderdale. They sold every pir they brought with them. That’s when they knew they had a product that would go big. In the article Big Idea: Meet the Creator of Crocs by Cathy Garrard, Lyndon also shares ” Initially we made only adult shoes, but after they took off, people said we ought to make them for kids too”.

 They knew kids would like them because of the bright colors and the fact that they can take them on and off themselves without a parents help.As written on the original Croc website they state ” since 2002 they have sold more that 300 million pairs”. For the past 14 year Crocs have been selling all over the world. Since 2002 the company has added many new things. In the document WHAT A CROC written by Jean Paterson the state ” Since then, 50 new models in 30 different colors have encased millions of feet in more than 80 countries”. With so many model they get the attention of all different types of professions to wear for their everyday events. Even surgeons now where them, Croc makes a closed Surgical clog that is safe to wear in side of a hospital. Chefs even wear them in the kitchen to keep them comfortable while standing on their feet for a long period of time while the are cooking their meals.

These shoes are also recommended by podiatrist, as stated in the article A REALLY BIG SHOE; CROCS ARE CONQUERING THE WORLD. BUT DO THEY HAVE LEGS?  By Alan prendergast, ” Obviously, clog-type shoes ( Crocs for example) aren’t appropriate for serious running, hiking, climbing or other vigorous exercise, but they can be a welcome change from more heavily structured shoes, and he’s unaware of any rash of injuries as a result of the trend towards more casual footwear”. Crocs are a shoe used for comfort to get away from the heaviness and uncomfort from other shoes made for these professions, and used as a break after a long sports game of wearing uncomfortable cleats so an athlete’s feet can feel more comfortable. But even though the shoe is very comfortable parents have to very careful about their younger children to make sure they don’t run or play sports in Crocs because it can be very dangerous due to the fact that they are not tight to a person’s foot it can slide off and cause the child to trip.

Other than that a pair of Crocs can make a young kid feel very good about themselves because they can slip them on without any help. Also in the document WHAT A CROC written by Jean Paterson they state that ” The company’s revenue was $1.2 million in 2002; it is projected to leap to $810 million this year”. The Croc is so popular that the income has continued to grow rapidly throughout year.


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