The narrator of the novel is Scout Finch. First person point of view is the narration used. The narrator reveals that her family history is tired, dirty, poor, and gloomy. It is this way because of the time period, so there is nothing to buy and no money to buy anything with.

She also reveals that her father is a lawyer and her relative, Simon Finch, came from Europe for religious freedom.The setting of the novel is during the Great Depression, which leads the reader to believe most of the townspeople are poor. The narrator says that there is nothing to buy and no money. Scout reveals that Simon Finch found land and grew cotton, which indicates to the reader that there may not be many jobs and he is a poor man. Scout says their father reads to them and respects them. She describes him as being polite, but a little distant.

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Scout and Jem describe their father as being extremely intelligent.Scout and Jem’s mother passed away two years after Scout was born of a sudden heart attack. Since Scout was only two years old, her memories are very minimal but Jem seems to know more. Calpurnia is the housemaid and is described by Scout as tall and strict. Calpurnia is also described as slim, nearsighted, and African American. “.

..her hand was as wide as a bed slat and twice as hard.” is a simile used by Scout to describe Calpurnia on page 7.

Jem and Scout meet Dill when he visits his aunt during the summer. Dill’s aunt lives next to the Finch family. Scout describes him as a curiosity. Scout said he is small for his age and has hair as white as snow, wearing blue linen shorts.Boo Radley is frightening to the children as they think he is a bad man and he died in the basement of the Radley home. The pecan tree is also frightening to the children as they think the Radley pecans would kill them.

According to Scout, an evil ghost lives in the house.Some rumors that go around are that Boo Radley stabbed his father with a pair of scissors. It is rumored that they chain him to a bed and small animals are found dead around the house.

It is also a rumor that Boo Radley only comes out at night and is caught looking into people’s windows. He is said to eat animals he catches like cats and squirrels. The reader knows that some of the rumors are untrue is because no one has seen anything that would prove these rumors and it is just gossip going around their community. The Radley family kept to themselves and didn’t socialize with anyone in the neighborhood. The family didn’t go to church and Boo Radley got in trouble hanging around the wrong crowd. He was released to his father on the condition that he would never cause any trouble, which is why Boo Radley has never actually been seen.

The townspeople were scared of the Radley family and viewed Mr. Radley in particular as the “meanest man God ever blew breath into,” according to Calpurnia. Jem describes Boo Radley as about six feet tall and usually dines on raw animals which is why his hands were always bloodstained. He says that there is a long scar across his face and the teeth he had left were yellow and rotten.

His description evoked the image of a monster. At the end of chapter one, they dare each other to go up and touch the Radley house. Jem goes up and touches the house resulting in them seeing a shutter move. CHAPTER 2Miss Caroline Fisher is in her early twenties and dresses nicely. She wears a white striped dress with heels and crimson colored nail polish.

Miss Caroline Fisher is not from Maycomb, Alabama. Her teaching methods are irrational because she tells Scout to stop letting her father to teach her how to read since he is doing it wrong, even though Scout already knows how to read. Scout learned how to read by watching her father. Calpurnia taught her how to write by making her copy the Bible, then rewardi


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