In the painting The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh you see a dark blue sky filled with enormous stars swirling throughout it imposing an immediate sense of peacefulness. The small town underneath is dark and even looks to be at rest. The stars are so bright and the moon seems to just pop out almost as if it were right in front of you. It even seems to shine some sort of life into a gigantic dead tree stump protruding into the sky. It seems as if the only movement at all is the spiraling light emanating from the massive stars.

When I look at this painting I feel that it represents the peace you feel at the end of the day when there is no tasks left to accomplish but taking in your thoughts. That same time when you feel like you are the only one there and the stars are dancing just for your enjoyment. With the sky then becoming a huge blanket wrapping you in quiet stillness and the slight breeze caressing you. The light from the stars is steadily glowing upon the earth and putting light upon all that usually goes unnoticed.This painting holds meaning to me in a way that makes me think of beauty and comfort.

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Cool tones of blues and greens calm your spirit and give you the understanding of nature’s beauty. It gives me comfort for making me remember there are things much bigger than me and more complex that is wonderful to even be able to witness and be a part of. When looking at this painting I feel calm and comforted in the realization that something wonderful had to of created such beautiful moments as this.


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