The book exhibits twenty three
examples of designed open spaces from international context, like United
States, Asia, Europe and Middle East. It portrays the sudden boost of creative
activities happening in contemporary landscape design. The selection of sites
is mainly based on the need of reclamation from conflicts, environmental
degradation and abandoned. The various projects are selected on the basis of
the context, material, scale and the type of space. The projects expand the
definition of the Modernist landscape while taking into consideration various
aspects like program, its social function, transformation of a space and
reclaiming it. The different ways in which city changes due to revaluing and
reprogramming the spaces of different scales I the urban context.The
author has divided the project in three different themes; The first theme being
Designing the Urban Stage, is based on elements in the space to be used as
powerful connectors with people that not only have an iconic image of their own
but also represent the past cultures of the urbanscape in the town squares. The
second theme namely Simulations of Nature and new topographies discusses how
architects and designers have transformed landplanes in nature either by
camouflaging the scheme with its surrounding contours. In another approach they
may also have an exotic and non-native approach. Both the procedures are
neither to swindle the viewer nor do they confirm to ideals of the existing
landscape but are unique approaches in their own way. New landscapes in today’s
era are hard to find although, existing defunct land pieces can be treated to
their best to increase their productivity. The third theme – The Bad and the Beautiful,
discusses exactly this on reusing landscapes at industrial wastelands, run down
steel mill etc. to usable pieces of open areas.

diversity of the artists in every project echoes the aesthetic and the
theoretical ideas about landscape. The art of designing a space which responds
to a particular site, and whether to open the traces of its history, which
defines its exact spot and the role it plays in its form, meaning and cultural

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