The Son’s Veto and Survival are set in vastly dissimilar times. The Son’s Veto was published in the late nineteenth century (eighteen ninety-five) and the story Survival was first published in the mid twentieth century (nineteen fifty-six) but it is set a great deal in the future. The story Survival is a science fiction story. The author of the gripping short story Survival is John Wyndham and the author of the other story; The Son’s Veto is Thomas Hardy. The two stories are very much stories of the authors times.Both stories, The Son’s Veto and Survival were supremely challenging, The Son’s Veto more so. They were complex due to the extensive range of vocabulary, and the language used.

The sheer length of the two stories also enlarged the complexity of them. The principal character in The Son’s Veto is Sophy, whom is a young woman that worked as a maid for Mister Twycott. People also contemplated Sophy as a woman with a story; ‘She was generally believed to be a woman with a story – an innocent one, but a story of some sort or another’.The chief character in the story Survival is Alice.

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In The Son’s Veto Sophy is depicted as remarkably pretty and exceedingly attractive at the inception of the story ‘the nut-brown hair was a wonder and a mystery’. My experience of Sophy is that she is considerably independent considering her disability, which is explained during the course of the story ‘who remained stationary in the chair till the way should be clear enough for her to be wheeled out without obstruction’.Sophy is quite well off to as her son goes to a public school, so subsequently he is exceedingly well educated ‘exclaimed the public schoolboy’. Sophy is helpful ‘was the effort of a local association to raise money for some charity’ and Sophy had a typical personality.

Sophy also appears to be polite and punctual and extremely friendly. Alice is extremely dissimilar to Sophy in some ways, nevertheless, tremendously alike in others.All through out her life she was depicted as a shy, timid girl ‘but Alice was always so quiet’, ‘other children used to call her Mouse’.

Alice can be exceptionally stubborn and persistent, when she gets an opinion it is enormously improbable that she will make a modification to her judgment or to change her mind, listen to reason or logic, ‘Alice, darling it’s not to late, even now, you know. The girl did not look at her’. In this manner see is vastly similar to Sophy when Sophy marries Mister Twycott.Alice is unquestionably two faced towards her parents as well as somewhat discourteous, ‘perhaps you don’t know me quite as well as you imagine, mother’ this was a clue to what would happen during the duration of the story, so I was not surprised when the manipulation began, rather like Sophy’s son Randolph.

Alice’s character transformed exceedingly dramatically during the course of the story. Alice, the shy, timid one was the brave person that spoke up against the madness occurring in the broken down spaceship, consequently she is a rather strong character, which is a contrast to what everyone thought.When on the spaceship Falcon, Alice’s manipulative side commences to transpire, as she attempts to manipulate the crew of the stranded spaceship in addition to the passengers by fabricating stories. Alice went from being exceedingly shy and timid to being vastly manipulative and uncaring, as this was extremely unlike her, the crew of the Falcon were in shock ‘He was feeling shock, just as shocked as he looked’. In this way Alice and Sophy are radically the opposite of each other as Alice is the manipulator, where as Sophy is manipulated by her son Randolph.Both woman a typical woman of their time, they are similar in this way.

Sophy also changes during the course of the story The Son’s Veto. This is when she marries Mister Twycott; she begins to act somewhat dissimilar than at the beginning of the this emotional story. She begins to act more upper class, even though she is clearly not.

Sometimes Sophy acts rather like a child and is treated rather like a child, although her age suggests otherwise, ‘Throughout these changes Sophy had been treated like the child she was in nature though not in years’.When Sophy marries Mister Twycott it is a turning point in the story. Mister Twycott, who was Sophy’s husband, a rich upper class man knew that by marrying Sophy it would not help his social status, ‘Mr Twycott knew perfectly well that he had committed social suicide by this step, despite Sophy’s spotless characters’.

In the two stories The Son’s Veto and Survival, the two women, Sophy and Alice are not treated that well. The women are seen as inferior to the men, just an object you can take control of.


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