The green thing that is on top of the bread is called mold, mold is a kind of fungus. Fungus is a home of bacteria, since a lot of food can they call it the fungi family. The most common or the most popular of the fungi family is mushrooms. Mold has stages, everyday it goes in . During the first stage mold slows down for a period of time as a spore. A spore is something  similar to the seed of a plant. When these spores find a good environment   they set up a colony and they must begin to produce even more spores. That’s the growth you see on your food, thats the weird green thing on your bread, all of these are billions and trillions of spores! People with sensitive bodies could be allergic to mold.

Spores are almost everywhere they might sometimes be in the dirt, on your clothes or even in the air! According to Bright Hub Education ” mold spores are spread by air circulation and through contact with other living organisms”. And yes you might be carrying a lot of spores in your body!! Mold spores hang on to your hair, skin and sometimes even on your clothing! Even though washing your body washes out the number of spores on your body, it does not stop you from being found from the spores in your community. Since it’s just a matter of time before the come back into your body. But no worries! Mold is  natural and they will not bother you in very low numbers.While mold will grow more and better in warmer environments, it can also grow buy cooler temperatures such as a refrigerator or maybe even a kind of freezer, which tells you that you can’t avoid your bread molding by just putting it in your refrigerator or an environment that is cool.

Some mold on bread is harmless but some are poisonous witch could possibly cause very serious sickness especially to people that are allergic to mold. It is not just good  to cut out the molded parts of the bread and eat it because mold can also grow inside the bread. And for that reason, eating moldy bread is never a good idea, and you should never think of eating it. One of the most mistakes that people make is by eating bread with mold on it which is sometimes serious but sometimes not. If you have ever eaten bread with mold on it dont PANIC! According to Mold Bacteria “Bread with mold on it will possibly never have an effect on someone with a normal immune system”, But however there is a slight chance of sickness in those people who have immune systems that have ever experienced AID, if allergic to mold you have to avoid mold on bread at all costs!!! According to bright hub “The best way to manage your bread products is by keeping amounts thats could be eaten in at least for a day or two in a cupboard and make sure your bread is sealed or covered by anything from plastic bags to aluminum foil.” The rest of your bread (extra bread) can be frozen, and or in a sealed plastic bag until you will have to use it.Mold, in fact, is a interesting bacteria to work with, mold has had many  different uses of it through the past couple of years.


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