The types of stereotypes that were mentioned in the video were that as a child, Chimamanda Adichie had read books that had foreign characters in them and she had become convinced that all books had to have foreigners and had to be about things that she didn’t really know about. What Chimamanda didn’t understand was that people like her could exist in literature.

As she grew older, the discovery of African writers had saved her from having a single story of what books are. Another example of a stereotype that was mentioned in the video was when Chimamanda Adichie had a poor house boy that would stay with them and she thought that since his family was poor they were incapable of making things and doing things like someone who is more well off than them. It had become impossible for her to see them as anything else but poor. She had a single story about the boys’ poor family. It was also mentioned when Adichie came to the U.S for university her roommate had a single story about her and had thought that she would have bad English and listened to tribal music. It was said that her roommate had a single story of Africa: “that there was no possibility of Africans being similar to her in any way, no possibility of feelings more complex than pity, no possibility of a connection as human equals”.

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The dangers of these single stories is that it we form this opinion about others that isn’t necessarily valid. We create a stereotype about certain types of people or cultures and we base it off that, not by actual evidence. For many of us, popular culture is the primary way we learn about people who are different from us.

But the problem with that is that many of these representations of certain cultures are based on cultural stereotypes and because of that we only see a very limited and distorted view of others. Some stereotypes that others have believed about me are about my family and the fact that I am Russian. In middle school a lot of the kids would tease me and say that because I was Russian it meant that my parents were a part of the Mafia and they were alcoholics who loved to drink vodka day and night. But in reality my parents were nothing like that. The complete opposite actually. I think a way that I could possibly undo the single stories that people have had about me is by telling these people and educating them more about your certain culture and to learn more about stereotypes so that they can have a better understanding of what those are so that they can try to stop accusing others of these certain stereotypes.  


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