The purpose of the Myers and Briggs TypeIndicator (MBTI) analysis is to understand how an individual observe the worldaround them and make their choices. The test evaluate a sequences of questions,once the questions are answered the results are observed and categorizedtogether. This process helps an individual to conclude their personality type. “Somepsychologists and many test-takers believe these types say a lot about howpeople think and interact” (2).

This precise test can also result in various differentoutcomes, out of 16 personality types it is resolute by four main distinctive groupsthat evaluate based on the results. “MBTI is their framework for classifyingpersonality types along four distinct axes: introversion vs. extroversion,sensing vs. intuition, thinking vs.

feeling and judging vs. perceiving” (3).These four groups are scored based on percentages. The determination of these sequencesof questions are intended to evaluate an individuals personalities to help themto decide which profession will be the best for them based on their personalityattributes. The Myers and Briggs Type Indicatorpersonality test is unique and different than other personality tests becauseit is meant to assess an individual’s based on their choices.

It is one of themost used and preferred personality test in the world. “The MBTI is more of astarting point for self-discovery, rather than a finishing line. At minimum,the test points out that people behave differently largely because they viewand interact with the world differently.

If the MBTI helps people to understandthat their conflicts may be the results of these different worldviews, thenthat alone might make the test worthwhile (2)”. The test is extremely importantand helps individuals learn more about themselves, it can also help someone bea better person and make strong relationships. There were many things I learnedabout myself after taking the test that I was unaware of. According to the testmy personality type is INTJ, “it stands for Introverted, Intuitive,Thinking, Judging.

INTJ indicates a person who is energized by time alone(Introverted), who focuses on ideas and concepts rather than facts and details(Intuitive), which makes decisions based on logic and reason (Thinking) and whoprefers to be planned and organized rather than spontaneous and flexible(Judging). INTJs are sometimes referred to as Mastermind personalities becauseof their strategic, logical way of thinking” (4). The score was ranked inpercentages, I am 62% introvert which I agree with I do consider myself quite areserved person. I do take my time to socialize with new people because I amsomeone who is comfortable with very few people. Even though I was expectingthe percentage too be bit higher but I am happy with the result it helped we boostmy self-esteem. I don’t lack self-confident because I usually get nervous whenI meet new people.

This will help me communicate and socialize better. I oftenkeep my thoughts to myself in a positive manner. This characteristic can bemisleading because most of time people may consider you as a disrespectfulindividual for not speaking or being reserved. I am someone who works the best bybeing alone because it helps me think more before jumping to the conclusions. Second,category was that I slightly prefer to use my intuition over sensing.

I scored6% in this category. I agree, most of the time we fall into situation wereusing an instinct seems to be the best option. The low score help me understoodmore about my personality that I don’t always go with my intuition feelingsbecause most of the time it may be an issue or cause a problem when makingcrucial decisions. It’s better to use sense and have knowledge about everythingthan going with instinct feeling. The third category determines I think moregiving me 56%, which is quite moderate.

“When I make a decision, I like to findthe basic truth or principle to be applied, regardless of the specificsituation involved. I like to analyze pros and cons, and then be consistent andlogical in deciding. I try to be impersonal, so I won’t let my personalwishes–or other people’s wishes–influence me”(1). I analyze every situationbefore coming to the conclusion. It is important to have an accurate reasoningbehind every decision I make. And the last fourth category judging overperceiving was scored 6%.

I use this category daily in my life. It gives me theopportunity to have control on my decisions and helps me stay focused. Most ofthe time people get confuse,  “do notconfuse Judging with judgmental, in its negative sense about people and events.They are not related” (1). In this case people with the judging preference are the once who want things to be wellordered, organized and traditional which describes me perfectly.

The test hashelped me learned more about my personality type and about myself based on theresults. The functional analysis of the INTJ makes it easier by breaking itdown the personality traits. I shared my personality analysis with my bestfriend and my mother. I chose them because they both know me the best. I wantedto know their responses regarding my test result and how accurate the test is. Ishowed my results when they were together to get a better estimation.

Iexplained people who have INTJ personality traits are critical problem-solvers,enthusiastic to develop classifications and methods with their new ideas.Surprising, they both agreed and described me as someone who is rational andhas an ability to solve problem. As they both adding that I am someone who havea positive attitude towards life because I always analyze the idea andreasoning behind that idea. I am a focused person according to both.  I wanted to know cons of my personalityaccording to them that way I will have a better understanding and work on mymistakes.

My best friend mentioned that sometimes I could come off as anarrogant person because my confidence can rub people off in a wrong manner. Ido agree, it is a weakness because I tend to trust my rationalism above allothers. “INTJs are highly self-confident and take decisions quickly and easily”(5). Sometimes when I think something is correct I tend to stick that I thinkit’s important to communicate better and take others view as people. I thinkover the entire test was quite accurate.I plan to use this information to be more effectivelyto interact with my family, friends and with people I chosen in my careerfield. I learned INTJ’s self confidence trait can sometimes come off asarrogant to many people and can hurt them especially once who are close to me.

I plan to work more than this and communicate better because I do have strongadvantages in the interpersonal area are my instinctual capabilities and I dohave enthusiasm to work at a relationship.The results that suggest about my futurevocational goals are mentioned under the careers choices. In order totransition my goals I need to focus and have skills that require concentratedknowledgeable determinations, organizing intelligent task, and have creativeattitude. It’s important to take risks in order to be successful. Dentistry hasalways been my top career choices, it’s quite interesting to see one of theoccupation recommended for my personality type.

The education tips were helpfuland motivational.


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