The production are have a hugeresponsible as they produce or manufacture the cars for consumers which theproduction section are presenting Jaguar Land Rover because if there is amistake the company will lose customers and wont achieve it aims. Furthermoreproduction section has a very important job as they check cars during themanufacture to check for problems so they can solve the problems before it’sgiven to the consumer and if there wasn’t a good production sector Jaguar landRover wouldn’t be successful because they won’t provide customers with theproduct that they wanted. The production helps Jaguar land Rover achieve itsaims by checking the cars before they are send internationally or given toconsumer.

Without production Jaguar Land Rover can give consumers cars thatdon’t have the features that they asked for or problem in the car. Jaguar LandRover has this thing called just in time production which is all of the carsmove around in stages and in every 90 second a car is made. The productionhelps Jaguar Land Rover achieve its aims and to become successful as they checkall cars during manufacturing and after they are manufactured to ensure thatall vehicles are ready to hand to consumers. The logistic are responsible for materials and equipment’sthat Jaguar Land Rover needs to manufacture their cars  so they can give consumers the their cars.The logistic sector is very important this is because Jaguar Land Rover dependson them and if the logistic sector don’t order the material or the equipment`sthat they need the machines or the employees can`t work or manufacture the carsthis is because they are missing some of the material.

The logistic sectionhelps Jaguar Land Rover achieves its aims this is because the companymanufacturer cars and then sell them to consumers and if the logistics don’tget the material the company can’t manufacture cars and give consumers. Thelogistics helps Jaguar Land Rover achieves its aims and help the company tobecome successful this is by ordering the material that they want before theyrun out of it in there warehouse this is because the manufacturing of the carsare always working and not stopped because the company ran out of material. The innovation and research sector haveresponsible for the business successes this is because there intelligent ideasare presented to the company and if the company agrees to the innovation thenresearch is been done which the company research on what people and consumersthink about the new innovation and if everyone agrees on the innovation theideas is then taken to action and cars are then manufactured on the design thatwas chosen. Jaguar Land Rover is one of the largest manufacturing that investin researching on what customers need. Jaguar Land Rover is an innovationcompany which have manufactured over years and came out with new cars anddesigns for example Jaguar Land Rover first car is XK120 which was launched in1953 and in 2016 the company has launched EVOQUE CONVERTIBLE which shows howJaguar Land Rover is using innovation throughout the years.

Gerry McGovern isthe chief design director for Land Rover and Ian Callum who is the chief designdirector for Jaguar are both responsible for innovation and the designs of thecars that consumers are driving on roads. The innovation and research sectorhelp Jaguar Land Rover achieves its aims by coming up with new ideas that consumerslike and design new cars this is by coming up with new features and otherthings. Finally the innovation and research help Jaguar Land Rover besuccessful as they research what consumers are looking for and design new carsto compete with competitors and become one of the best car manufacturing.Jaguar Land Rovers aims is to carry on with innovation so more consumers arebuying the product and to keep the company successful because coming up withnew ideas that no other manufacturing company has come up with these ideas.       Stakeholders  Jaguar Land Rover has external and internal stakeholdersthis is because this business is international which export cars all around theworld therefore there is important people in charge of the business.Jaguar Land Rover has external like employers, supplier andinvestors which keep the business going.

Whereas internal are customers and governorswhich support the business this is by buying cars from Jaguar Land Rover orsubsidy which is money from the government to the business to support thebusiness. The employers are influenced by the people and managers asthey manufacture cars for customers. The people are the reason why all theother stakeholders are able to work in Jaguar Land Rover as the businesswouldn’t manufacture cars for the people which lead to people not having newdesigned cars. In addition, the employers are also influenced by the businessas they get a choice whether to work day shift or night shift.

The employersare benefiting from working with the business as they get privilege carpurchase scheme and they get to change it every month also there is many otherbenefit like pension scheme, holiday entitlement and many other rewards. Theemployers positively influence the business this is by coming in daily bases tofix cars parts which leads the business to success and making employers workeffectively. This is by suggestions to their managers in meeting on how toimprove the business or the factory and to make the business more successful.On the other hand, if the employers are not satisfied or have complaint theycan go through the grievance process if there is trouble. Furthermore, if theemployers are not happy they can go on strike or employees can take theiremployer to an employment tribunal leading the business to bad reputation whichlead the business to fall behind and competitors becoming in the lead. http://www.jaguarlandrovercareers.

com/working-here/The business is influenced by the government as they subsidyto Jaguar Land Rover to support the business so people can work in the businessand to keep the business on.  Thegovernment sees the business what`s their future aims and the problems that thebusiness is facing and what`s the revenue for the business so they can take thetax. The government has positive influence this is because its supporting thebusiness by giving subsidy, so the business can provide work to people in theUK. In 2016 and 2017 Jaguar Land Rover subsidy of £35 million government cashunlocks £500m Jaguar Land Rover expansion in Coventry which shows that thebusiness is support so they can employ works. This makes the business and employers to work effectivelybecause Jaguar Land Rover has a strong brand and good reputation also thebusiness employs more employers because they need more employers and they havemoney from the government to employ more people. However, if the government isunhappy with anything it could affect the business this is like not employingemployers that are in the local community and not being environment friendlycan cause a problem to the business revenue. http://www.coventrytelegraph.

net/news/35million-government-cash-unlocks-500m-11825144  The business is influenced by the local community as theywork for the business and manufacture cars for customers. Furthermore, thelocal community support Jaguar Land Rover by giving the business feedback onhow to help the local community for example Jaguar Land Rover dug up under theground so when the manufacture cars the noise doesn’t affect the localcommunity. In addition, the business invest in considerable resources inaddressing key issues which affect Jaguar Land Rover and the wider community. Thelocal community positively influence customers this is by giving feedback onthe website how the business is supporting the community which will generate morerevenue to the business and make the business more successful. However, if thelocal community are unhappy with the business they could report it to thegovernment for example the loud noise of the manufacturing which couldmassively affect the business by having bad reputation and won`t have subsidyfrom the government to support the business. business is influenced by the customers as they buytheir cars from Jaguar Land Rover. In addition the customers support JaguarLand Rover by buying their products and being customer loyalty. Also thecustomers give feedback and share their opinions on new designs to thebusiness. Customers are the key successful for Jaguar Land Rover as the companymanufacture 43 vehicles in one hour and 1000 cars vehicles built every day atthe site. The customers are positively influenced by the business and by theemployees this is because the employees are working effectively on thecustomers cars and also customers are welcomed to the business to see theirvehicle manufactured in front of them.

On the other hand, if the customers areunpleased with their vehicle that was manufactured it could cause a badreputation to the business leading the business not to be successful. The business is influenced by the investors as theyparticipate in the business to make the business successful and, so they cangenerate more profit. The investors also try to find solutions how to achieveit aims so the business can be successful and, so they get shares from theprofit that the business generated.

The investors positively influence thebusiness this is because they put their money into the business not knowing whetherthe business will be successful or fail as they are taking risks like otherpeople. With the investors’ money the business can make the business moresuccessful and generate more income. On the other hand, the investors cannegatively affect the business this is because if an investor has most of theshares it can affect the business and the employers this is because theinvestor may decide to change plans with affect the employers which will causea failure to the business.The business is influenced by the customers this is becausethe customers are making the business successful and making the brand strongbecause of this Jaguar Land Rover is one of the successful manufacturingbusiness because of customer loyalty. The customers positively influence thebusiness this is because more customers like Jaguar Land Rover cars which makesthe business to manufacture more cars and to become with new designers thatcustomers like.

In addition, customers spread out what the business have doneand how successful the business is. However, customers can negatively have ahuge impact on the business this is by giving bad feedback which othercustomers may see the feedback and decide not to support the business also canhave an impact on the company brand.The business is influenced by the suppliers this is becausethe suppliers are arriving on time which the employers have no problem anddoesn’t make the business delay because the business have “Just in time” schemewhich is the suppliers come on time and if they don’t arrive on time thebusiness makes the company that give them the suppliers pay a fine. Thesuppliers positively influence the business because if the business didn’t havejust in time the business will lose customers and money this is because thebusiness hasn’t got the suppliers that they need to be able to carry on withthe manufacturing. However, the suppliers can have negative impact on JaguarLand Rover this is by if the suppliers don’t arrive on time or are delay for awhile the business can stop manufacturing because they don’t have the productor the equipment that they need to be able to carry on with the manufacturingwhich will have also effect on the business and the employers because they arenot working.The business is influenced by the board of directors as theylead the people below them like managers and employers also they have bigresponsibility to look after the area that they are located in.

The board ofdirector are responsible on how Jaguar Land Rover is achieving it aims and howsuccessful the business is also they are responsible for guiding the peoplethat are below them. The board of director positively influence this is becausethe board of director praise the people below them which leads them to workeffectively and achieve the business aims. On the other hand, the board ofdirector can negatively affect the business this is because the board ofdirector are not giving the managers and employers targets or not looking onthe business which leads the business into debt and failure. Evaluation  JaguarLand Rover has a goal to have Zero accidents, zero distractions and zerocongestion to reduce the number of death on roads and to become one of the bestmanufacturing globally. Also to protect the environment and nature and toresolve these problems in future Jaguar Land Rover model line will beelectrified by 2020 to reduce the impact of carbon footprint.

Jaguar Land Roveris one of the largest business that does research to resolve customer demands andto keep up with technology. The business began with Jaguar motorcycle sidecarsin 1922 and in 2008 Tata motors has made Jaguar and Land Rover one companywhich was Jaguar Land Rover. Since the business has started manufacturing ithas received a high income to the business for example in 2016 and 2017 therevenue for the full year was £24.3 billion, reflecting the high sale of volumealso the profit before tax was £1.6 billion which was up to £53 millioncompared to last year’s figure. Jaguar Land Rover has manufactured 604009vehicles between 2016 and 2017 which shows how successful the business is.Jaguar Land Rover couldn’t have become one of the largest manufacturingglobally without customer’s supports and customer loyalty and also government subsidywhich have supported the business. In 2016 and 2017 Jaguar Land Rover subsidyof £35 million government cash unlocks £500m Jaguar Land Rover expansion inCoventry.

As we can see the government subsidy are helpful andappreciated which shows the government wants them to aim higher so they can generatemore income to the business and to support people by employing them. I stronglybelieve that Jaguar Land Rover are successful and is one of the strong largestmanufacturing company globally this is because they encourage and persuadepeople about their new ideas and innovation so the people can buy theirproducts also its because their cars are unique and the business has a uniqueselling point. http://media.jaguarlandrover.

com/news/2017/05/jaguar-land-rover-finishes-year-record-sales-volumes-and-revenue-after-strong-fourth   The reasons for Jaguar Land Rover success  The reason for Jaguar Land Rover success and the futuresuccess for the business , I believe that the most important internalstakeholder for Jaguar Land Rover is the employees as this is because of theservice given to them; they are the people that manufacture daily and the oneswho make customers happy making them come back to the business. This suggestthat that the employees have the most role and effect on the customers as goodservice will persuade customers to come back. Furthermore, spending more moneywill make Jaguar Land Rover successful in the longer term. An example when talkto the customer service or visit the manufacturing place you know you will begreeted with a friendly attitude and welcoming you as you are one of thebusiness member. This makes people cheerful and relief which makes people comeback to the manufacturing to see their new designs. I believe that the second most important person in theinternal stakeholder for Jaguar Land Rover is the board of director as theyinfluence the people below them like managers and employees and to resolveproblems. This suggest that if the board of director praises and motivates theemployees it will make them more engaged and work effectively which meansmanufacturing more cars.I think the third most important internal stakeholder forJaguar Land Rover is the government as they financially support the business.

This means that they are the ones who give subsidy to the business, ensuringthat the business provide jobs for people. They will help the people and helpthe business, making it successful in the future. Overall I believe that the most important externalstakeholder is the customers.

This is because of the success of the Jaguar LandRover being the best manufacturing and the best researchers. Without theloyalty customers the business wouldn’t be successful and known. The customersprovide the financial need that the business needs to keep the businessrunning, making them the most important. I recommend the second most importantexternal stakeholder is the suppliers as they provide the business with theequipment’s that the business needs to manufacture vehicles.

The suppliers havean important role as they give the business material that will be used for thevehicles so they have a large part of the business success in the future. To improvethe income of the business they can change the supplier to a cheaper supplierwhich sells cheaper product but also it will help other local suppliers, makingit successful. I think the third most important external stakeholder for JaguarLand Rover is the investors as they help the business by paying money to thebusiness to get shares which supports the business financially.

This issuccessful for the business now and in the future because if the business is indebts and there is an investor that want to buy shares the money can pay offthe debt.I believe that Jaguar Land Rover will be successful in thefuture as it is a business that well known and well-respected company aroundthe world. Jaguar Land Rover is an innovative business that keeps with newideas for manufacturing cars and improving the technology in the vehicle tokeep up with technology.

The business will always continue to be successful asthey have aims and targets for the future as a result the customers and peoplewill buy new vehicles as they know that the business is successful and have newideas to solve customer demands. Jaguar Land Rover knows the improvement of technology,so they added new technology in their vehicles. This engages customersattention encouraging more customers to buy their vehicles from this companymaking it a successful business. Jaguar Land Rover has allowed customers toview their own car while manufacturing and, they have built a show room whichpresent the vehicle after its finished to the customer or the owner if theperson wants. I believe Jaguar Land Rover will be successful in the future asthey are one of the largest company that invest in researching. The reason for Jaguar Land Rover success and the futuresuccess for the business, I believe that the most important function area isthe production. This is because by the service given by them, they are thepeople that represent the company buy manufacturing the vehicle in goodquality.

This means the production area have the most important role and havean effect on customers as they make the vehicle for the customers which willpersuade them to buy their vehicles from this company and also to recommend itto other customers. For example in the production area if they find an insecton the vehicle during the production they will change the part or the material,you know that the company provides good quality to customers. This makescustomers and people sure that there vehicles are well looked at and welldesigned in the manufacturing which will make them return to the business infuture if they want to buy a new vehicle.I believe the second most important functional area is thecustomer service as they support people and customers with any information theywant and are available 24 hours. This suggest that if a customer wants to findabout a type of vehicle or about the company they can get support from thecustomer service as this will reduce time for customers of researching andcustomers will be satisfied with the business service.

I believe the third most important functional area is thehuman resources as they recruit employees to the business and invest money toresearch for engineers and technicians to make the business successful. Thismeans that they recruit the employees that fit into the business to make thebusiness more successful  now and in thefuture. 


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