The topics before the World Tourism Organization are “Promoting Ecotourism as a Poverty Reduction Strategy” and “Exploitation of Children in Tourism”. The UNWTO is a specialized UN agency that assists in mainly promoting and actively encourage tourism and also ensuring it is globally and widely reachable.  “tourism provides important livelihood opportunities, helping to alleviate poverty and drive inclusive development.

” – Said by United Nations Secretary-General, Banki-moon on, World Tourism Day Message, 2015     Promoting Ecotourism as a Poverty Reduction Strategy Ecotourism introduces new scopes that give countries like Democratic Republic of Congo larger opportunities to renovate a more sustainable environment for both citizens and tourists. The Democratic Republic of Congo, formerly known as Zaire, is a vast country that is located in Central Africa and it is brimful with heritage sites and landmarks that regularly allure visitors, it holds the historic Virunga National park (established back in 1925) The captivating Lake Kivu , and undoubtedly the spellbinding capital itself, Kinshasa. For decades now, the organization of the environment has been a leading idea on the agendas of numerous political leaders and individuals in the DRC.

DRC’s flora and fauna are highly rich in biodiversity for instance, bonobos and okapi; two rare species that are only found in DRC. Some species, however, are facing the threats of extinction as a consequence of deforestation, degradation, and the invasions of human settlements and poaching. The constitution of 18th of February, 2006 explores important ways of dealing with vulnerable habitats and the rights related.Article 53 from the Democratic Republic of Congo constitution states that: Every person has the right to a healthy environment, one which is favourable to their integral development.

 He has a duty to provide for its defenceThe state provides for the protection of the environment and the population’s health.


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