The Mexican American War persisted from April 25,1846, through Feb 2,1848, and was the first most unconstitutional and inequitable wars in history. It was also the first lethal and tragic wars in America. President James K.

Polk, who led the United States army believed America had a Manifest Destiny. The belief god is meant for the states to conquer the land and expand the border from atlantic to pacific. The process of the war began with the Texas revolution, Manifest destiny, and Polk’s aggressive maneuvers. Prior to the Mexican-American War, Mexico suffered from many internal difficulties. In 1836, Texas revolted and gained independence from Mexico.

According to the novel Abraham Lincoln and Mexico by Michael Hogan states, ” In the first, he stipulated that he would cease all hostilities and would take his remaining troops across the Rio Grande. In the second, he stipulated that in exchange for his release and transportation to Vera Cruz, he would endeavor to persuade the Mexican government to formally recognize Texas independence.”( Hogan 22). President of Mexico Santa Anna was forced to sign the treaties since he was held captive in Texas. The treaties granted texas border along the Rio Grande. Many Mexicans refuse to accept the legality since Santa Anna was prisoner and forced to sign. It affected Mexico economically since they could not pay foreign debt.

It affected Mexico with the conflict and power struggles with insufficient resources to capture territory in the north. The agreement that ended the dispute of the war was The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. This treaty granted the United States five hundred thousand square miles of territory.

Utah, California, Arizona, Nevada, and Texas were granted to the United States as part of their country.  In the film during class, it prompts the treaty was signed on February 2, 1848 and negotiated in Guadalupe, Hidalgo. Nicholas Trist a peace ambassador, negotiated with Mexico despite order of Polk asking him to return to Washington D.C.

Polk got his desire of Mexico’s northern territories and also the manifest destiny. Also, after a large conflict about the Rio Grande, it became the border of Texas. The loss of battles and Mexico’s territories was a national embarrassment to the citizens and soldiers. This treaty drastically affected Mexico because they lost half of their valuable territory and marks a lesson in American aggression. Mexico had no other choice under their circumstances to agree with giving their land away. Many Mexicans lost their lands, homes, and political rights after the war. The aftermath of the war shaped the United State flourished economically and socially. However, for Mexico they lost the rich potential of California, gold mines, agriculture and resources.

The United States increased in power and population after the Mexican American War. There was social outlaw during the 1850’s through 1900’s. It was a form of social; and political protest and response to marginalization for Mexicans. In the 1848- 1855 California Gold Rush expanded and Europeans flooded into California.

During lecture it was stated, The Foreign Miners Tax was a taxation purposely for the Latino culture. It can also be seen as a “Latino Tax” because foreigners had to pay twenty dollars a month for the privilege of mining gold in California. Only latinos were forced to pay and it was used for competition against other states.

It marked the end of the war and beginning of the United States political debate over slavery. The Mexican American war had a large impact because it was the largest territorial expansion of the United States. It was an unjustified war that with a stroke of a pen, more than half of Mexico’s territory became part of America. The expansion of land allowed more land for the dehumanization of slavery to immense. America’s tyranny received land with aggression to what is known today as modern United States.


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