A report on the likely changes to industry across Japan, The reasons and some suggestions on how to solve the problems. Japanese industry and wealth is forever changing, Japan has made the majority of its wealth through the research and production of high technological products. They need to produce small costly products, as the flat land that can be used for industry is limited as residents of Japan use so much of the land that is available.Changes in technology advancing are almost certain to happen as large multinational companies spend millions in planning and making new products for the customer to buy. Industry across Japan is likely to change, as Japan is an ageing population so the production of industrial robots is likely to increase so the robots can do all of the precision jobs in factories such as Panasonic. Although the ageing population could be a problem to the wealth of Japan as working persons are needed in factories.

Also the human is the ultimate robot. Another reason is that working persons are needed to pay for the health care of the elderly.The production of machine tools is on a downfall, the highlight of the production of machine tools was in 1990 but from there after the production has begun to fall. This may be because the production of crude steel has also fallen. Crude steel is used to make the machines and if the production falls not as many machines may be made.

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The production of crude steel may have been reduced because the difference between the Trade surpluses has fallen since the last survey when the difference was at its greatest.Expensive raw materials (especially oil), which are becoming extinct are imports that are vital for Japan and may have an effect on the production of plastic material and the crude steel production. As a lot of energy is used for making these products and if the cost is raised the production will decline. To save the cost on imports Japan should use renewable energy rather than non-renewable energy. These types of energy are: These types of energy do not cost anything once the transformer; attracters and generators are set up.

Also the energy will not run out, and the byproducts are not as harmful as the byproducts produced by fossil fuels.The production of VCR (video cassette recorders) and televisions has also fallen this may be because the majority of the population have a suitable television and do not need, want or require a new television. To solve these problems, large international companies should spend more money in researching new products for the market rather than producing as many of the same older products.

Also people may was to step forward in technology and buy DVD (Digital versatile disc) players rather than VCR’s.The percentage of GDP (Gross domestic produce) today mainly comes from the services provided rather than the goods produced, this is most likely going to continue as the difference is becoming larger every few years, as companies move to other areas of the world as cheaper and more land is available, but they still use the Japanese methods. The recent survey has shown the greatest difference between the percentage incomes from the goods sold and the services provided, In 1990 when a survey was made the difference shown was 11.4% higher GDP produced by services given rather than products made.

The GNP (Gross national produce) per person was highest in the mid eighties. Also the production of most materials and products was at its height. The difference in the trade surplus was at its height, an 84 million difference. If Japan wanted to move back into the wealth they had in the mid 1980’s, the Japanese could increase the growth rate back to 3.

6% per year, or reduce the population back to the size it was during these years.The Japanese could use renewable energy to save money and research into new products more rather than actually producing them. As the 1980’s was a height for selling new products such as the “Sony Walkman” To make the country richer they could decrease the total expenditure buy using renewable energy, reducing the population, Moving the elderly to overseas resorts to reduce the strain of medical care and space.The new international airport in Kansai will help transport of imports and exports for faster delivery. This will be advantageous as more produce will be able to be delivered over the world in a shorter amount of time. The Science City will increase the production of new medicines due to the extra research available. This means more medicine will be exported over the world making Japan richer and the world better off.

The new Akashi Kaikyo Bridge will help with the transport of goods to and from Shikoku and Honshu islands.


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