In this subdivision, the book describes a unidentified character who coincidently portions the same business and desires as the writer of this book, Nathaniel Hawthorne.A The storyteller works as a main executive officer at the Salem Custom House, intending that he collects duties on foreign goods. Unfortunately, non many ships dock at Salem ‘s Port for whatever ground, so the storyteller frequently finds himself with small to make during the work hebdomad.

One glooming twenty-four hours, the storyteller tries to maintain himself entertained by researching the abandoned 2nd floor of the usage house. While look intoing out a room upstairs, he discovers a vermilion A and an old note written by a former main executive officer at the Custom House about 200 old ages earlier. While analyzing the vermilion missive, he holds it over his thorax, but drops it instantly because he feels a firing esthesis in his thorax. He so reads the note, which tells a narrative about a adult female who committed criminal conversation.

This inspires him to compose his ain spin on the note, even though it would n’t be factually accurate. At the terminal of this subdivision, a new president is elected, and he loses his occupation, which forces the storyteller into following his dream of going a author to do a life.

Questions about the Custom House:

Who is this unidentified storyteller who works in the Custom House?Why did n’t the storyteller follow his dream of going a author?If the storyteller hates his occupation and is bored because there is no work for him to make, why does n’t he discontinue and follow his dream?What inspired the storyteller to travel up to the 2nd floor of the usage house cognizing that it was fresh and likely empty?Why did he experience a combustion esthesis when he held the vermilion missive up to his thorax?Why did the storyteller lose his occupation after a new president was elected?

My Chemical reactions towards the Custom House:

I was sort of surprised to see that the storyteller portions so many traits as the writer, but was n’t given a name. I would hold assumed that if the writer intended to set himself in the narrative, he would hold named his character after himself. I wonder why he did this.The book described the edifice he worked in as being run down and decomposing.

I believe that this adds to the storyteller ‘s bitterness of his occupation because I think it makes him experience as if his occupation is n’t of import plenty to work in a edifice that is n’t falling apart.The storyteller besides described that his Puritan ascendants would hold looked down upon his desire to go a author. This shocked me because back in Puritan times, Monks Priests wrote a huge bulk of all books, and they were held in high regard. One would believe that his or her ascendants would be proud to hold a author in their lineage because a studious individual was looked up to.

Journal Entry: Chapter 1 “ The Prison Door ” and Chapter 2 “ The Marketplace ”

Summary of Chapter 1

In chapter 1, the scene is set at the Jailhouse in Salem.

A multitude of hooded people dressed in somber vesture are gathered around the gaol door to contemn and minimize the wrongdoer who is about to be released. The country around the Jailhouse is described as being drab and dead, even the trees and grasses have died because of the somberness radiating from the gaol, except for 1 lone rosebush, which provides a alleviation for the condemned because it is a “ sweet moral flower ” which shows a mark of forgiveness.

Summary of Chapter 2

In chapter 2, Hester is released from the Jailhouse, keeping an baby and is escorted up onto the scaffold where she will stand for 3 hours as people stare and taunt her. As she is standing up on the scaffold she reminisces about her parents and their house, until her attending is drawn to an old, deformed adult male. This deformed adult male is the individual she married while in Europe before coming to America. By this point, her attending has been drawn back to the crowd, which scares her briefly, doing her to squash her babe out of inherent aptitude.

Questions about Chapters 1 and 2:

Why are people dressed in goons as they gather around the Jailhouse?How has the Rosebush survived the sullen atmosphere it is turning in?Has Hester seen the rosebush? Has it affected her feelings in any manner?Why was Hester allowed to take an baby into a unsafe environment such as the Jailhouse? Did n’t the Puritans consider the safety of the babe?While standing up on the scaffold, why did Hester take to reminisce about her parents?

My Chemical reactions towards Chapters 1 and 2:

Why do the Puritans consider the agony and penalty of others as a beginning of amusement? Based on their ethical motives, would n’t they want to relieve some of Hester ‘s agony, instead than add to it? I find that the deficiency of compassion shown by the Puritans in the Scarlet Letter really upseting.If the Jailhouse was designed to confine violent and destructive felons, why was Hester held at that place? Hester did non harm or jeopardize anyone ; therefore I believe that she did n’t necessitate to be treated as person who is unsafe.Was the rosebush planted in forepart of the Jailhouse deliberately? Or was it a mark of forgiveness from God? I find this really uneven that something so beautiful would even last in an environment so drab and dead.If have oning the vermilion A was non a reverberation of Hester ‘s discourtesy, why did she even bother doing it? If I committed that wickedness and had to confront terrible ridicule because of it, I would n’t desire to pull more scorn unto myself by have oning a large, excessive vermilion A.

Journal Entry: Chapter 3 “ The Recognition ” and Chapter 4 “ The Interview ”

Summary of Chapter 3

In this chapter, Hester is go oning her penalty on the scaffold. She sees her hubby, who is dressed in Indian vesture.

He makes a gesture to Hester, stating her non to pull attending to him. After doing this gesture, he begins inquiring a adult male in the crowd about Hester ‘s offense and who the co-sinner was. The adult male replies that she was the married woman of a affluent Englishman from Amsterdam and that she committed criminal conversation, but refuses to uncover the male parent of the kid. For some ground, Chillingworth makes a remark about how such an old adult male could maintain a immature adult female such as Hester happy. After this, we are introduced to Reverend Dimmesdale, Reverend Wilson, and Governor Bellingham, who question Hester in effort to acquire her to squeal to who the existent male parent is but to no help. Then Reverend Wilson attempts to do her reveal the male parent by giving her a discourse on wickedness, which makes her scarlet A freshness. After the three attempt everything they can believe off, they give up, and Hester is taken back to the Jailhouse.

Summary of Chapter 4

In chapter 4, Hester meets her hubby face to face for the first clip since the beginning of the novel.

Since he is a doctor, he is called into the Jailhouse to drug Hester, and do her more susceptible to question. When he enters Hester ‘s gaol cell, he offers her a potion, but Hester refuses it out of fright of being poisoned for retaliation. Chillingworth tries one time more to acquire Hester to uncover the male parent, but she refuses. As Chillingworth is walking out of the entryway of the cell, he makes Hester promise to maintain his individuality secret. Because of his evil facial looks, Hester calls her hubby a reincarnated version of the Satan. Then Chillingworth vows to happen the male parent of her babe, and leaves the Jailhouse.

Questions about Chapters 3 and 4:

Did Roger Chillingworth think that Hester would take him back after abandoning her in America for many old ages?Why did n’t Chillingworth desire attending drawn to him as Hester was standing on the scaffold?Why did Chillingworth lie about his individuality when he asked the adult male about Hester ‘s offense?Why did Hester keep back the name of the male parent of her kid? Is n’t she a small spot angry towards the male parent for non sharing any of the penalty?

My Chemical reactions towards Chapters 3 and 4:

I was surprised that Chillingworth sent Hester to America alternatively of maintaining her with him until he finished his work.

Would n’t newlyweds desire to remain together no affair what?On top of what was said above, I besides wanted to cognize what Chillingworth was up to in Amsterdam after Hester left. Completing up some work before he left evidently was n’t the lone thing he was up to while in Amsterdam for multiple old ages after Hester left.When I read his comment about how “ her hubby must hold been foolish to believe that he could maintain a immature married woman happy, ” I wondered why he married Hester. Typically, when one is in love, they look out for the best of the other. In this relationship, it seems as if Chillingworth merely wanted Hester as a “ trophy married woman.

”After Reverend Wilson gave Hester the discourse about ageless damnation and wickedness, I felt truly bad for Hester. After all she had been through that twenty-four hours, she must hold been experiencing many unpleasant emotions, and Reverend Wilson merely amplified the feeling of guilt within her.

Journal Entry: Chapter 5 “ Hester at Her Needle ” and Chapter 6 “ Pearl ”

Summary of Chapter 5:

In chapter 5, the writer focuses on Hester ‘s life after being released from prison. Hester is granted her freedom to populate wherever she pleases, but she chooses to remain in Boston. Even though many old ages have passed, Hester was still considered an castaway and was forced to populate on the outskirts of town. To back up herself and Pearl, she works as a dressmaker, and sells her goods in town. Her accomplishment as a dressmaker was described as being so great, that even the Governor wore her garments, despite their black beginning.

Her work was held in such high respect that people asked her to craft things such burial shrouds, priestly vestments, and functionary ‘s robes. All of this work afforded both Hester and Pearl a good life, but Hester still felt anomic from her community.

Summary of Chapter 6:

In chapter 6, the writer focuses on Pearl for the first clip through the full novel therefore far. Much like the rosebush in chapters 1 and 2, Pearl is the lone solace for Hester as the rosebush is the lone solace for the captives. Hester dresses Pearl in all right vesture, despite Puritan moralss. In add-on to the vermilion missive, Pearl is another symbol of Hester ‘s wickedness. Pearl is described as being a defiant kid, for illustration, when Hester attempts to learn Pearl about God, Pearl refuses to listen, and she invariably produces mischievousness. Pearl besides seems to be a small more cognizant of her milieus than other babies.

While many other 2 or 3 twelvemonth olds would hold disregarded the vermilion A wholly, Pearl asks Hester about it invariably.

Questions about Chapters 5 and 6:

Why does n’t Hester go forth Boston after she is granted her freedom?Why has n’t her community Lashkar-e-Taiba water under the bridges be water under the bridges and re-accepted Hester back into their community?Why does Hester go against Puritan frock moralss with her stitching? Has n’t she offended the Puritan community plenty?Even though Hester ‘s merchandises violate the frock codification for Puritans, why do people still buy them?If Pearl was n’t an illicit kid, would her behaviour have changed?

My Chemical reactions towards Chapters 5 and 6:

I was shocked to read that Hester decided to remain in Boston, despite her repute at that place. If I were in this state of affairs, I decidedly would hold left and started afresh in a new settlement or even Europe, that manner Chillingworth would hold been off of my dorsum, and I would n’t hold to confront any more scorn. It was a really courageous temper on her portion.While reading this subdivision, I half-expected Hester to be allowed back into the community, because people started to interact with her in a positive manner for the first clip in a long clip, by purchasing her material.

Unfortunately for her, that was the lone positive interaction she would of all time have from them.Towards the terminal of chapter 5, I was disgusted to read how she was treated by the hapless people she served. Even though she made them apparels free of charge, the hapless people still treated her in a disrespectful mode. The least they could hold done was handle her with regard.After reading chapter 6, I discovered that Pearl was nil like what I expected her to be. When I foremost saw the rubric of chapter 6, I expected a sweet small miss, who was perfect in every manner, and caused no problem, but in actuality, Pearl was every parent ‘s incubus.

Journal Entry: Chapter 7 “ The Governor ‘s Hall ” and Chapter 8 “ The Elf Child and the Minister ”

Chapter 7 Summary

In this chapter, Hester is summoned to the Governor ‘s hall to support her detention over Pearl. While on the manner to the Governor ‘s hall, a group of kids harass Hester and Pearl, but Pearl throws a fit and scares the group of kids off.

Rumors have spread that Pearl is a demon kid, and it is questionable if Hester should raise her, because she is entirely, and Pearl is a smattering in add-on to her work to back up them. It is besides questioned if Hester can raise Pearl in a moral and God-infused environment. While come ining the hall, Hester and Pearl take notice of the flowery portrayals and suits of armour which decorate the hall.

While go throughing an particularly bright set of armour, Pearl points out her female parent ‘s contemplation in the statue, which frightens Hester because the ardent vermilion A dominates the contemplation.

Chapter 8 Summary

In this chapter, Hester meets with the Governor, Reverend Wilson, and Reverend Dimmesdale. Upon come ining the conference room, Hester is asked why she feels she deserves to maintain Pearl. She points out that she should maintain Pearl because she can learn Pearl non to do the same pick she did.

Then Wilson trials Pearl on her cognition on spiritual subjects. Unfortunately, this does n’t look to rock any of their picks in her favour, so Hester begs Dimmesdale to talk on her behalf. Dimmesdale says that Pearl is both a approval and a expletive from God. Pearl is a approval because she is a smart and healthy kid, but besides a expletive because on top of being arch, she is a changeless reminder of her wickedness.

He besides says that the best topographic point for a kid to be is with its female parent because there is a sacred bond between them. After this, the Governor and Reverend Wilson make up one’s mind to allow Hester maintain Pearl. Infuriated that Hester was allowed to maintain her kid, Chillingworth went to the Governor, demanding that he reopen the instance to find who Pearl ‘s male parent is, but he refuses. Hester is besides asked by Mistress Hibbins if she would wish to fall in a seance, but she refuses because she got to maintain Pearl.

Questions about Chapters 7 and 8:

How was Pearl able to frighten off a group of kids easy twice her age?Why does Pearl indicate out the vermilion missive frequently, cognizing that it causes her female parent hurting each and every clip she is reminded of it?How did rumours of Pearl being a Satan kid spread? Hester lives on the outskirts of town and does n’t look to be “ in the cringle. ”Why does Pearl decline to reply any of Reverend Wilson ‘s inquiries, cognizing full well that will let her to remain with her female parent?What makes Reverend Dimmesdale vouch for Hester? Sing he is the moral guru for the town, one would believe that he would n’t be inclined to talk on a evildoer ‘s behalf.

My Chemical reactions towards Chapters 7 and 8:

While reading the organic structure of Chapter 7, I was confused on how the townsfolk questioned whether or non Pearl was human. I assumed that this inquiry arose from Pearls bad behaviour and utmost consciousness for her age, which made me earnestly see the theory that Pearl was the spawn of the Satan.Besides while reading the organic structure of Chapter 7, my position of the Governor changed. When he was foremost introduced, I imagined him as a shorter and wider chap, but when I learned that he fought conflicts against the Indians with the suit of armour in the hall, my image of him changed. Alternatively of a short, compact adult male, I re-imagined him as a taller, good built character.

While peeking at the rubric of Chapter 8, I noticed that it is titled “ The Elf Child and the Minister. ” The rubric made me inquire if small Pearl ‘s facial figures had literally begun to look like those of an hob. Even holding finished the book, I still can non do sense of the rubric.

After reading the beginning of Chapter 8, I was flabbergasted at Reverend Dimmesdale ‘s, Reverend Wilson ‘s, and Governor Bellingham ‘s intervention of Pearl. Upon come ining the room these 3 to the full grown work forces begin to badger a yearling by naming her a bird and devil kid. On top of being to the full grown work forces, these are the town leaders who are badgering Pearl. These work forces are supposed to be the prototype of morality and good behaviour.

Journal Entry Chapter 9 “ The Leech ” and Chapter 10 “ The Leech and his Patient ”

Summary of Chapter 9:

In Chapter 9, Chillingworth has changed his name, and cipher knows his existent yesteryear, except for Hester, who is bound to secrecy. He has become the town physician, and has been accepted by the townsfolk because they do n’t hold entree to quality medical supplies. The town sometimes refers to Chillingworth as a bloodsucker, because the usage of bloodsuckers to bring around diseases was common at that clip. He is besides referred to as a bloodsucker because Dimmesdale has been enduring from wellness jobs because of Chillingworth ‘s goad and question. It is besides noted that Dimmesdale clutches his bosom frequently. Because Dimmesdale has no married woman or comrade to populate with, Chillingworth demands to populate with him for wellness grounds.

The curate ‘s room is hung with images demoing scriptural scenes of adultery scriptural penalty. As clip base on ballss, Chillingworth ‘s trust is questioned because rumours spread of his yesteryear.

Summary of Chapter 10:

In this chapter, the curate ‘s marks of anguish are going more and more seeable.

To do affairs worse for Dimmesdale, Chillingworth is demoing unbelievable continuity when it comes to detecting what Dimmesdale is concealing. Despite all of his efforts, Chillingworth still can non find what secrets Dimmesdale battles to maintain hidden. One twenty-four hours, Dimmesdale inquires Chillingworth about an uneven herb.

The physician says that he found it above the grave of person who buried their wickednesss with them. Then Chillingworth begins to nudge Dimmesdale more about buried wickedness, but Dimmesdale backs out. Suddenly the sounds of Pearl playing are heard from Dimmesdale ‘s window, but Pearl drags her female parent off when she sees Chillingworth because she thinks that he is the Satan. The physician asks Dimmsdale about his religious status, but Dimmesdale fundamentally tells him that its Gods concern. The curate so apologizes for his behaviour and so goes to bed.

While Dimmesdale is kiping, Chillingworth pulls back his shirt and reveals the curates deepest secret.

Questions about Chapters 9 and 10:

Why did n’t Dimmesdale decline when Chillingworth insisted on life with him? He knew that Chillingworth was after something that he was concealing.Why is Dimmesdale penalizing himself so badly?How did the townsfolk catch air current of Chillingworth ‘s secret yesteryear?Can Pearl observe immorality in people she has n’t been in contact with? ( I.E. Chillingworth? )

My Chemical reactions towards Chapters 9 and 10:

Since the Puritans believed in superstitious notions such as enchantresss, etc, I can non believe that the townsfolk trusted a adult male with such an evil visual aspect. After larning that Dimmesdale had a secret earlier on in the novel, Chillingworth ‘s organic structure transformed from a tired, and old adult male to a awful, dark being from all of his efforts to acquire Dimmesdale to uncover it.After reading that Chillingworth insisted on life with Dimmesdale for “ wellness grounds ” , I can non believe that Dimmesdale really accepted and allowed him to travel in. He knew from old chapters that Chillingworth would halt at nil to happen out about his secret.

After completing Chapter 9, I learned that the term “ bloodsucker ” had 2 significances when mentioning to Chillingworth. Originally it was a term used for all physicians at that clip period, but as the chapter progressed, Chillingworth sucked all of the life out of Dimmesdale from his persistent inquiring.While reading Chapter 10, I was stunned that Pearl detected that Chillingworth was evil.

She did n’t truly hold any anterior contact with him, and she does n’t populate within the community. I believe that she is either truly smart or observant or she has a particular power.

Journal Entry: Chapter 11 “ Interior of a Heart ” and Chapter 12 “ The Ministers Vigil

Summary for Chapter 11:

In this chapter, Dimmesdale is at the extremum of his wretchedness. Chillingworth will non halt playing games with him, and he is acquiring no slumber because of his guilt. Even though he is enduring mentally, physically, and even spiritually, he keeps his secret bottled up. While Dimmesdale feels worse, his discourses on wickedness support acquiring better and better. To do things harder, he punishes himself physically, by floging his dorsum repeatedly with a cilium, in add-on to extreme fasting.

One dark, he plans to hold a vigil where Hester one time stood in an effort to alleviate his wickedness.

Summary for Chapter 12:

In this chapter, Dimmesdale carries out his program for a vigil on the scaffold. While standing up at that place, he fantasizes about uncovering his wickedness, until Reverend Wilson, who is coming from a funeral for Governor Winthrop, base on ballss by the scaffold. He thought approximately express joying when Wilson passed, but decided against it. After Wilson is gone, Dimmesdale laughs a small spot, which is accompanied by Pearl ‘s laugh, who is besides standing on the scaffold with Hester. The three clasp custodies and Dimmesdale feels energized. Pearl asks if Dimmesdale will stand with them tomorrow, but he says no. Suddenly, a meteor flies across the sky, which is in the form of an A, which frightens Dimmesdale because it ‘s a mark of his wickedness.

After the meteor is out of sight, Chillingworth gets Dimmesdale off of the scaffold and takes him place.

My Questions about Chapters 11 and 12:

Is Dimmesdale even worried about being caught any longer? Or has his guilt focused all of his energy to penalizing himself?How did n’t Wilson notice Dimmesdale up on the scaffold?Is the meteor a happenstance? Or a mark from God?

My Chemical reactions towards Chapters 11 and 12:

I was truly aghast when I read that Dimmesdale was at the point that he was hitting himself to show his hurting inside. I am truly puzzled as to why he merely does n’t squeal now. He is at the point of decease, is his secret truly worth his life?I could understand why he chose to stand on the scaffold to let go of his guilt. He chose to stand on the scaffold to mime Hester ‘ penalty because he is the co-adulterer.

I believe that it took existent strength to make that because anyone could hold seen him making that, and so he would hold had to confront his worst fright.At first, while reading, I was a spot baffled when Pearl asked if the curate would stand with them once more tomorrow, because I thought that they had to maintain standing up on the scaffold as a continuance of their penalty, but so it hit me that they were merely standing up at that place because Dimmesdale was up at that place.

Chapter 13 “ Another Position of Hester ” and Chapter 14 “ Hester and the Doctor ”

Summary for Chapter 13:

In this chapter, Hester is going more and more active in the town. She often makes trips into town to donate nutrient to the hapless and to nurse the ill and injured. While she is still capable to prejudice even after 7 old ages, she is bit by bit being accepted back into the community. The weight of Pearl, her occupations, and prejudice have eventually taken their toll on Hester.

Much like Dimmesdale, the weight of their agony has taken a toll on their physical visual aspects. She is no longer the beautiful adult female she one time was.

Summary for Chapter 14:

In this chapter, Hester tries to relieve some of Dimmesdale ‘s agony by stating Chillingworth to endorse off of him. When they go to talk with him, he tells her that he has heard that she can take off the vermilion missive, but she describes that it can non be removed by human custodies. She besides thinks that it is clip to state Dimmesdale who Chillingworth truly is, which makes Chillingworth recognize that he has become a figure of pure immorality, alternatively of the superb adult male he one time was.

My Questions about Chapters 13 and 14:

Why is Hester still the object of contempt after 7 old ages? Should n’t the Puritans move onto something else?Why is Hester still so sort to the people that treat her like soil?How can Chillingworth recognize that he is so evil and non desire to alter his ways?

My Chemical reactions towards Chapters 13 and 14:

While reading, the writer mentioned that Hester still accepted scorn from the townsfolk after 7 old ages. I wondered if anyone else committed a serious wickedness in those 7 old ages who deserved a penalty similar to Hester. Or has Hester been used as a hindrance to maintain everyone from messing up?After reading chapter 13, I could n’t believe that Hester was still in Boston after all the abuses she had taken, allow entirely taking attention of and assisting the people that put her down. That merely goes to demo that Hester is non merely a theoretical account for wickedness but a theoretical account for supreme compassion.

What likely shocked me out of the whole book more than anything else was the fact that Chillingworth knew that he was evil, and still did n’t desire to alter. Any normal human being can be inconsiderate or hurtful, when they are confronted about their behaviour ; they examine themselves and want to alter.

Journal Entry: Chapter 15 “ Hester and Pearl ” and Chapter 16 “ A Forest Walk ”

Summary for Chapter 15:

In this chapter, Hester resolves that she genuinely hates her hubby, after the pure hatred he showed in the old chapter.

After Chillingworth leaves to travel mix potions from the weeds he collected, Hester goes to happen Pearl. She finds Pearl playing in the puddles on the beach, with an A shaped in seaweed on her thorax. When Hester sees the A, Pearl and she prosecute in conversation about the A. Pearl references that she sees that Dimmesdale clutches his bosom frequently. This shocks Hester because she learns that Pearl is preternaturally observant, which might jeopardize them all.

Summary for Chapter 16:

In this chapter, Hester goes to run into with Dimmesdale in the wood to uncover Chillingworth ‘s existent individuality to him. While walking through the wood, she decides to take Pearl along with her. The sunshine seems to follow Pearl as she plays in the wood, but seems to avoid Hester. Upon making a watercourse, they wait for Dimmsdale to get, and Pearl asks about the “ black adult male ” and how he correlates to the vermilion missive. To avoid conversation, she tries to acquire Pearl to play, but Pearl does n’t desire to out of fright of the “ black adult male. ” Hester tells Pearl that it is non the “ black adult male ” who gave her the symbol ; it was the curate who did.

My Questions about 15 and 16:

Why did Hester even marry Chillingworth in the first topographic point? She knew full good that neither of them were in love.

Is Pearl truly every bit observant as she is believed to be? Or is garnering this information from an outside beginning?How does Hester believe that uncovering Chillingworth ‘s existent individuality traveling to assist Dimmesdale?

My Chemical reactions towards Chapters 15 and 16:

I was felt about scared for Hester, Pearl and Dimmesdale at this point in the narrative. I was certain that Chillingworth had something even more sinister up his arm.After reading about Pearls changeless haranguing about the vermilion missive, I began to doubt that she was believing for herself at this point. Person must be seting her up to it to either trial how Hester responds when Pearl asks that inquiry or to derive information about the ties between Dimmesdale and Hester.When Pearl and Hester went to travel tell Dimmesdale who Chillingworth truly was, I wondered how Hester thought that would assist Dimmesdale.

Journal Entry: Chapter 17 “ The Pastor and his Parishioner ” and Chapter 18 “ A Flood of Sunshine ”

Summary for Chapter 17:

In this chapter, Hester and Dimmesdale meet in the wood to avoid Chillingworth and the populace.

They join custodies, and Hester reveals Chillingworth ‘s existent individuality to him. This makes Dimmesdale angry, and he starts faulting her for his wickedness. To acquire him to halt, Hester pulls him in stopping point to see the vermilion missive, which makes him forgive her because it shows him that Chillingworth is a bigger evildoer than the both of them. To avoid any more agony caused by Chillingworth, they plan to sail off to Europe, and unrecorded with Pearl as a household.

Recognizing that this is his chance to eventually let go of all of the hurting and agony within him, Dimmesdale plans to uncover his secret to everyone in Salem.

Summary for Chapter 18:

After plotting their flight, the twosome feels a explosion of new life within them. Hester unties her hair for the first clip in many old ages and removes the vermilion missive and Dimmesdale ‘s dark face has eventually picked up. He tells Hester that he can experience joy once more, and is excited to eventually acquire to cognize his girl.

My Questions about Chapters 17 and 18:

Why did n’t Hester contend back when Dimmesdale was shouting at her?Will Chillingworth expose Dimmesdale and Hester before Dimmesdale can make it himself?Why is Pearl cautious of her transformed female parent?

My Chemical reactions towards Chapters 17 and 18:

When I read that Dimmesdale yelled at Hester and blamed her for his wickedness, I was surprised that she acted in the mode that she did.

I would hold expected her to interrupt and contend with Dimmsdale because she easy could hold defended herself in that statement. But her action did do sense, because a battle would hold divided them, which is the exact antonym of what they needed at that minute, if they wanted to steal off and get down a new life.After Hester confronted Dimmesdale about Chillingworth I could truly experience the all of the suspense. It was like I was sing the same fright of Chillingworth that Dimmesdale and Hester felt.

After reading that Pearl was afraid of her transformed female parent, I was mystified. I expected Pearl to love her female parent even more than she did before, now that she was eventually happy.

Journal Entry: Chapter 19 “ The Child at the Brookside ” and Chapter 20 “ The Minister in a Maze ”

Summary for Chapter 19:

In this chapter, Hester calls Pearl to rejoin her, but Pearl refuses, because she does n’t acknowledge her transformed parents. To acquire Pearl to come back, Hester ties her hair back up and pins the vermilion missive on one time more. After the missive is to the full secured, Pearl rushes back to her female parent and male parent. She envelopes Hester in a clinch and kisses her, along with the vermilion missive.

Without uncovering that Dimmesdale is her male parent, Hester tries to acquire Pearl to encompass Dimmesdale as good. Dimmesdale kisses her once, but so washes the buss off in the watercourse.

Summary for Chapter 20:

On the manner back to the town, Dimmesdale can non believe the energy he feels.

He even runs and skips with Pearl. When they reach the town, Hester makes reserves on the ship to Europe because she has become acquainted with the captain due to her charity work. Dimmesdale feels like uncovering himself at that really minute, but restrains himself to continue their programs. He besides has urges to make other eldritch things, like shouting profane statements in a crowd, or cursing at a group of small childs.

At the terminal of this chapter he tells Chillingworth that he no longer needs his medicine, which worries the physician, because Dimmesdale does cognize his existent individuality. When Dimmesdale, Hester and Pearl return place, Dimmesdale goes right to work, on what he thinks is traveling to be his best discourse of all time.

My Questions about Chapters 19 and 20:

Why did n’t Hester uncover that Dimmesdale was Pearl ‘s male parent?Why does Pearl rinse off Dimmesdale ‘s buss in the watercourse?Why does Dimmesdale hold all of these irrational urges?

My Chemical reactions towards Chapters 19 and 20:

When Hester told Pearl to demo some fondness towards Dimmesdale, I wondered why she did n’t outright state her that Dimmesdale was her male parent.

They were go forthing in 4 yearss anyhow ; it likely would n’t hold done any injury.When Pearl eventually allowed Dimmesdale to snog her, she instantly washed it off in the watercourse. More towards the center of the novel, Pearl seemed to wish Dimmesdale, but now she does n’t look to accept him.

I found that alteration in Pearl ‘s behavior really confounding.When Hester and Dimmesdale left the forest, I about screamed at Dimmesdale through the pages of the book when he came near to foiling the whole program with his insane urges. What sort of priest even considers shouting profane statements or profanities at immature kids?

Journal Entry: Chapters 21 “ The New England Holiday ” and Chapter 22 “ The Emanation ”

Chapter 21 Summary:

In this chapter, Hester and Pearl are in the town common, waiting for the Election Sermon and ceremonials.

As usual, Hester is dressed in all grey, with her hair tied up and the vermilion missive pinned to her bosom. Like Dimmsdale, she was dying to eventually go forth Boston and get down a new life with Pearl and Dimmsdale. The Puritans seemed to be happy for this event, but still were drab because of their moral duties. The lone people that truly treated this juncture like a jubilation were the Indians and the crewmans, and because of the juncture, they were non looked down upon. Towards the terminal of the chapter, the captain of the ship approached Hester and told her that they would hold to do room for Chillingworth as he would be going with them for Dimmesdale ‘s safety.

Chapter 22 Summary:

Distraught from the fact that Chillingworth would be going with them, Hester became frenetic, although she did n’t hold clip to believe of the effects of Chillingworth ‘s program before the emanation started.

Dimmesdale appears to be in really good form, with more energy and felicity than he has felt in a long clip. Throughout the novel, Dimmesdale seemed to be a really stray individual, but now, because he is home free from his guilt, everyone seems to detect the utmost degree of energy and joy within him. In this chapter, Dimmsdale eventually gets to state his discourse that he spent so much clip on. Dimmesdale ‘s discourse is full of feelings of sorrow and agony, and people are truly moved by it because they can experience the passion and sorrow within it.

While Dimmesdale is talking, Pearl is dancing and playing around the square and the shipmaster gives her a message for her female parent that the physician will be conveying Dimmesdale so she does n’t necessitate to worry about him acquiring on the ship.

My Questions about Chapters 21 and 22:

Why is n’t Hester fixing to go forth as Dimmesdale gives his address? She must hold a batch to pack for her and Pearl to get away.Why does Chillingworth convey his programs through the shipmaster and non state Hester straight?

My Chemical reactions towards Chapters 21 and 22:

While reading this chapter, I wholly expected Dimmesdale to give his best discourse of all time. He spent so much clip on it, and I bet he wanted to go forth the townsfolk with a good thing to retrieve him by before he left.

Besides while reading these chapters, I found that Chillingworth ‘s cowardliness truly stuck out. He resorted to pass oning through the shipmaster alternatively of pass oning straight to avoid injury.

Journal Entry: Chapter 23 “ The Revelation ” and Chapter 24 “ The Decision ”

Summary of Chapter 23:

After listening to Dimmesdale ‘s address, the townsfolk are really moved. Even Dimmesdale realized his discourse was the best he has of all time written. In the emanation after the address Dimmesdale is exhausted and barely able to walk, when he comes to the scaffold he calls Hester and Pearl to him. Dimmesdale ignores Chillingworth and mounts the scaffold with Hester and Pearl. Then he tells the crowd of his guilt by demoing them his thorax. They are stunned by the A that is gouged into his thorax.

He so asks Pearl for a buss. When Hester asks about their hereafter he tells her he can non trust for much, but leave it to God. Dimmesdale so falls down. As he dies the crowd is filled with emotion.

Summary of Chapter 24:

After Dimmesdale died, Chillingworth died shortly after. Pearl and Hester take the trip to Europe, so Pearl can inherit Chillingworth ‘s estate. After going a small older, Pearl marries into a rich household, and becomes royalty. When Hester is about to decease, she travels back to Boston and dies in her bungalow. At the terminal of the novel, it was implied that she was buried following to Dimmsdale.

Questions about Chapters 23 and 24:

Why did Chillingworth give his estate to Pearl even though she is non his kid?Why was Hester buried following to Dimmesdale? I figured that they would divide the two after decease to foster the penalty of their wickedness.

Chemical reactions Towards Chapters 23 and 24:

After reading this, I to the full expected for Dimmesdale to decease after his address.

If he did n’t hold the emotional inspiration, I doubt that he could a compose a discourse every bit good as he did.Besides after reading this, I was flabbergasted to read that Chillingworth had given his full estate to Pearl. I figured that he wanted retaliation on Pearl for being the result of Hester ‘s and Dimmesdale ‘s wickedness, both of whom he hated and so in a heartfelt way wanted retaliation.


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