The Culture revolution was one of the biggest human cultural changes,that was ran by Mao Zedong. Mao Zedong was a chinese communist revolutionary, political theorist and founding father of the people’s republic of china. The little red book is quotations of  Mao Zedong. The little red book was the cultural revolution official handbook. The little red book had a large impact on cultural changes during that era,was a political theater.Primary source 1 shows how Mao tries to use the little red  book as a cultural and political   tool by entrenching the youth against their teachers and counter revolutionaries. In China during the Cultural Revolution it was imperative  to carry it around with them. If someone was caught not carrying, reading or quoting the book they would be beaten or killed because they were ‘disrespecting Mao’. Essentially every citizen had their own copy.The little red book distills Mao Zedong values on everyone who was apart China’s culture. Historians would find this source useful to get a better  perspective on  China  past and present connection with Mao and communist party.Primary source 2 shows how the communist party puts the mass under the assumption that China wouldn’t attain independence and liberations without their actions they are taken. Mao tired to exploit that modifications to China’s culture would make a positive adjustment to China’s civilization. The communist party has injected the stab into the youth that communist ideas is more desirable for China’s Culture. By the communist party memorizing the youth they used them as a weapon to protect Mao power and to harm others. Historians would this source useful because they’ll understand the tatic Mao and the communist party used to entrench the mass.Secondary Source 3  displays how the General Political Department puts on the facade that the actions that being taken is to better China’s economic and cultural understanding.It was used during the cultural revolution to systematize ideology ,and used as a weapon against the counter revolutionaries. The facade on China’s culture lead to destruction of one’s own thoughts and beliefs .When Mao was idolized people believe in his ideology to an extent to were it was almost manipulation of the public . Famous Arthur and writer of novel Red Scarf Girl accounts on her childhood stating  that ” We were brainwashed because we could not have information other than what the government told us” this  then leads to cultural and systematic destruction by firstly limiting one’s own thought and opinions which lead to isolation and separation.secondly once taking away from the mass own on opinion  and thought can lead to the detrimental decline of one’s culture identity of one’s self and others  In conclusion, Mao and the communist party used the little red book to regain control of the party.Mao perceivement of  China’s cultural and political direction led him to relocate China’s values with his own. Mao and the communist party used the youth as a pond to make the system less elitist.    


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