The year’s most happening celebration is in fact bumping the door.

Yes, it is actually Valentines’ Day. A day solely dedicated for the couples, their romanticism and uniqueness in love making. Every couple thinks of making this particular day special and that is the reason why Jiyo Bangla is showing you a few fantabulous ideas to enjoy the day at its best.

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Being a duo, each day for you should be Valentines’ Day and this should be just another excuse of celebration. All you need to do is make your spouse feel the difference in you. Let him/her know that how much you feel the other person’s presence in your life.Take small pieces of colourful paper and write at least 20 reasons why your partner is special to you.

See the smile when he/ she open each paper.If you are passionate enough, then try out some other things in small papers. Jot down the different kinds of kisses and ask your partner to pick anyone. Try the type of kiss picked of the lot.Keep away the social networking sites; offer your partner a personal touch. Write down in a paper that how much you are beholden to him/her. Make that person feel special by letting them know their value in your life.It is not important to go for romantic dates always.

Make it a customized one and offer your handmade food to your partner. Lit the candles in your room and bring flowers especially roses for that day. Once he is back from office take him to the room to surprise him.Try to talk as much as possible. We all are tied up with busy schedule daily, but on that night make sure you give some quality time to each other.

Bring out your deepest thoughts, ideas, fantasies and hidden complaints. Get that sorted on the D-day only.You can also go for a long drive that night, if the weather and the energy permit.Long distance relationships are pathetic during this time; yet you can always make it special by sending some gifts wrapped with love and a small personal note attached with it. Flowers also play a vital role.You can also reserve a table on a rooftop restaurant for that night, so that the gentle breeze of spring can add melody to your love life.Make sure that you know your spouse’s hidden wishes. If he/ she is a family being then don’t forget to invite the parents during the dinner.

It will undeniably brace the bonding of you two for sure. That is not less than a gift.Make some good promises to each other. Keep it within your means.

Don’t make false vows.Love is in the air, grab the strain and tune your love life with it to gift a perfect number to each other.


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