Themain aim of this study was to evaluate customer satisfaction of personalbanking services provided by ABC bank. All the service quality dimensionsmaintain a positive relationship with customer satisfaction. According to theresult of the study, there is a strong positive relationship between customersatisfaction and reliability, responsiveness, empathy, tangible, convenience.But there is a weak positive correlation between customer satisfaction andassurance.

It indicated that majority of customers are satisfied with personalbanking services. But bank focus rest of the customers who are not satisfiedwith personal banking services. Majority of the customers are not satisfiedsafety of their bank transactions and trustworthiness about customer’sinformation.

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Because ABC bank is a private commercial bank and lot ofrespondents believe private bank gives week assurance for customer’s money. However,the study concluded that overall service quality and customer satisfactionmaintain a positive linear relationship in a selected ABC bank. 5.2Recommendations Followingrecommendations were suggested to increase customer satisfaction of personalbanking services provided by ABC bank.       I.           The personal banking service providersin ABC bank should focus more attention to provide benignant service to theircustomers.    II.

           The bank must build good confidence withtheir customers by providing proper security to bank transactions and alwaysencourage customers to build a good relationship with the bank. III.           The majority of the customers in ABCbank are from young generation. Hence, the bank should give high attention toolder people. IV.           The ABC bank should get customerfeedback about services they provide.

If they are dissatisfied, must find thereasons for their dissatisfaction.    V.           Enhance customer satisfaction level by increasingemployees’ problem solving ability. Then bank should give proper training totheir staff members.


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