The deductive approach to the scientific method is nothing more than deductive logic. To these theorists, this logic is the ultimate key and best path to knowledge. Its purpose is to present us undeniable beliefs about the world. The basis for this logic is to move from general propositions to a specific proposition. It starts with a premise then goes to another premise and ends with a certain conclusion.

The arguments are made up of syllogisms and the premises in the arguments examine various pieces of evidence. The point is to end up with an absolutely true conclusion and if it is done right logically, then this will be the case. The information in the conclusion is already in the supporting premises. If the premises are true, then the conclusion should be absolutely true.  Epicurus wanted to reason on clear evidence and not on speculation. I believe this fits into the deductivist scheme because the point of deductive logic is to end up with a true conclusion by having true premises.

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This guarantees clear evidence, not just an opinion. One aspect that deviated from the deductivist scheme was the use of feelings and sensations, he said, ” Next, we must by all means stick to our sensations…

” What I understood from the text was that he wanted to keep the end results agreeing with those things already clearly understood through feelings. He implied that his method was to rely on things already established as true to form new judgements. He wanted to use this basis to investigate new questions without any worry about whether the object of the question can be recognized directly by the senses or understood by thinking. He based his position on a few metaphysical principles.

 He said, “To begin with, nothing comes into being out of what is non-existent” and with that nothing is ever destroyed to non-existence. Another point he made was that the universe has always been the same and will continue to be the same in the future. Lastly, “Further, the whole of being consists of body and space”, Epicurcus stated. I took this to mean that the world is made up of people and space. Along with this principle, he argued for the finite divisibility of matter. He claims that particles are indivisible and unchangeable because if they aren’t, then eventually all things would have stopped existing. Even though when something is dissolved and there is still something permanent remaining, they have to be solid in nature and undividable for them to be a part of the beginnings of the universe.


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