The narration in this short story is from Mrs Vadnie Marlene Sevlon’s point of view, so she is the protagonist. It is in a third-person narrative. The storyteller looks from the outside on the events in the short story. In this short story you have an unlimited access to Mrs Vadnie Marlene Sevlon’s thoughts and also her background. “I might blow the whistle, ‘Vadnie had thought to herself.” (s 4. l 138-139). In the light, if this quote the reader only get to know what Vadnie observes and knows.


There is a couple of contrast in this short story. The first contrast the reader meets in this story is when Mrs. Vadnie Marlene Sevlon talks about the weather the day the short story is set in and the day before that. “Much better than yesterday when the weather was close, so close she felt the low pressure in the air.” (s 1. l 2-3). Another contrast you see in the short story is when Vadnie talks about the rich people. She talks about how the rich people have more freedom of choice, than the poor people have, like herself.

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Loneliness can both be good and bad for you. Most of the time loneliness is the worst part of your life. Sometimes there can be bright days where the loneliness is good for you and give you some space to think about your life. Like Mrs Vadnie Marlene Sevlon goes to the cemetery to think about life and take a break from everything. It can be good for everyone to take a break sometimes to think about life. But loneliness is something you don’t want in your life. It is mostly old people who move into an old people’s home, who get lonely. Maybe that’s why Vadnie finds a friend in Margarete. They both probably feel lonely, and when they have each other they don’t feel that much lonely anymore.



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