The Jungle, by Upton Sinclair, is a classic from 1906, and has become one of the most readed books in history and political science in the United States. Upton Sinclair writes about the difficulties and cruel conditions that people such as immigrants face in society. This novel portrays socialism in many different ways, In this novel the main characters them being Jurgis Rudkus, he is a Lithuanian immigrant who comes to America with his wife Ona Lukoszaite. Marija Berczynskas Ona’s cousin , Teta Elzbieta Lukoszaite Ona’s stepmother.The author uses her to represent the power of family, the importance of home, and culture, Teta Elzbieta becomes as one of strongest and most important characters.

  The novel takes place in Chicago with a group of immigrants. These immigrants wanted a better life and achieve the American dream. The novel gives an explanation of  the lives of the immigrant workers in America. Sinclair wrote the novel to represent a socialist system ,the very hard conditions and exposes the lives of immigrants in the United States.

A socialist economic system portray an attempt to remove economic imbalance and the abuse they show in the novel. The goal of a socialist system is to destroy the system and end the exploitation of workers, substitute the power. The objective of a socialist system is to encounter people’s needs preferably than enlarging  profits. The government controls basically everything that a company is producing and consume. It sets prices for goods, and what society wants.

Sinclair was very outspoken when it came to Socialism, The Jungle has really emphasized the disaster of Jurgis Rudkus on he becoming a member of the Socialist Party. The Jungle is a progressive novel meaning that it is the probabilities of human progress. The Socialist Party is not like other political parties ,the Socialist Party is the only international party. Its goal is to establish freedom and goodwill for all the people. Most workers really believed that all Americans are free.But yet, over the past years, conditions at factories have become so terrible that workers realized the need for socialism. The job of socialism is to teach the working people in the city how to take control of factories for themselves. Jurgis spot socialism as the only way of salvation for all the people.

Socialism provides hope and promise for Jurgis’ future , there have been many bad things happen to Jurgis. They are trying to get more protection for workers. Trying to help the lower class rise up out of the control of the big company people and to clean up the political and great poverty in society. They are trying to come back on how people are supposed to be treated according to the golden rule, treat others the way you would like to be treated. Jurgis was so taken by socialism he was tired from life of the wealthy taking advantage of the lower class.


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