The Cabin and seat are
very luxury in the Royal First Class.  As
the price of this class is the most expensive one, the seats, designs, and
service is also the most delicately to worth the high price. Eventually,
passengers will meet the best facilities provided by the airline with the best
quality service touches from take-off to landing. For example, Airbus A380,
passengers may enjoy the comfort and surprising innovations with a semi-private
suite. The airline provides an in-flight entertainment with a 23-inch flat
touchscreen with varieties of movies, game, music, radio for passengers to
enjoy. The seat width is approximate 21 inches which are very large compared to
the economic class, providing spaces and can be changed to a 180-degree
lie-flat bed makes passenger relax and feel like the bed at their home. As the
seats have a barrier, it provides a more private zone separately from other
passengers. Passengers are able to move freely as the large space provided.
Vary on the flight, some may have an in-flight lounge area for passengers to
enjoy, meet and converse with other people from the same class and changing
room for passengers.Onboard, cabin crew will
welcome passengers with a beautiful Thai smile, providing beverage such as
tropical juice or their signature, Breeze’. In this class, passengers will
recline in comfort. Passengers in Royal Silk Class would also be providing with
a lounge-office-bed, but lesser space comparing to the royal first class. THAI
cabin and seats may be different between routes but still provides comfort.
Similar to the Royal First class, passengers may enjoy the 180-degree fully
lie-flat beds but just provide less private space. All guests will experience
the luxury culinary offerings, dedicated award-winning service.In the economic class,
passengers will be greeted with gracious warmth. The whole designs are
completely different comparing to the royal first class and the royal silk
class. As the price of the ticket of double low the price of the high class,
all the facilities and seats will be less dedicated. However, passengers will
still be provided with a service and award-winning cuisine. Some aircraft may
be providing a personal touch screen for passengers as the other classes. 


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