The entrepreneur is a person who is a business leader search and think for ideas and puts them into effect in fostering economic growth and development.  one of the most important input for country economic is entrepreneurship .Developing economy is not the same as developed economy . The developing economy can be an agricultural country moving towards the industrialization  The modern era is a variable era  . our world is becoming a village due to the industrial revolution and  developing in communication technology in fast way . The huge revolution of industry and commerce is bringing a big change in different aspects of life.

Economic development of any country is the outcome of purposeful human activity. The modern era is a variable era.  Development of economy is a highly dynamic process characterized by the pattern of demand shifts, needs of new product, production of goods appear within a country.For developing countries, qualified entrepreneurs need to recognize new opportunities and are willing to take risks for their exploitation. A developing economy needs to be brought out of the vicious circle of low income and poverty. The project owner can break this vicious circle. Entrepreneurs and government assistance can change the developing economy in the developed economy.

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      he/she is a man who “operatively” helps another setting in an association or any offered “framework” to occur. Obviously, the usage of this new setting incorporates, achieving the execution levels or potentially the particular goals characterized. A decent Change Agent achieves his/her central goal proficiently as well as adequately. There are agent of change in various positions inside the association and there are distinctive difficulties they lead. To be a change agent, it is imperative that you have genuine and exact abilities to have a position or a specific sort of earlier specialized learning. This is the situation in light of the fact that under transformative procedures, there are factors and distinctive measurements to consider and arrange, which surpass any every day schedule. Physical assets, cash (spending plan), gatherings of individuals with various profiles and learning, cooperative energies, dangers and alleviation factors, and unanticipated issues and dangers  1. In Kenya, for example, Peter Chege,an entrepreneur from Nairobi, is helping neighborhood agriculturists adjust to environmental change.

As indicated by a few models, grain yields are relied upon to diminish by 10 percent to 20 percent by 2050 because of dry seasons and rising temperatures. Peter is creating and introducing hydroponics frameworks for agriculturists in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda that will enable them to grow produce without soil, essentially expanding their product yields while diminishing water use. 2. In Jamaica, agriculturists lose a huge segment of their produce to waste since they need guide access to the business sectors. Rather, they should wrangle about costs with middlemen, bringing about expanded expenses and deferrals.

To address this wastefulness, Jamaican entrepreneurs Jermaine Henry and Janice McLeod developed AgroCentral, an application on mobile that matches farmers and  purchasers in easy way together,  in the hotel and restaurant trade . The outcome? More prominent income for farmers, bring down costs for purchasers, and diminished waste.


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