The alt-right movement The alternative right movement is a far-right movement that is made up of agroup of loosely aligned communities who are against multiculturalism, socialjustice movements, immigration and political correctness. They embrace center-rightideology’s and they also have traits of nationalism.

The movement mostlyconsist of young white men who see political correctness as a threat to theirliberty. Alt-right members are often associated with racism and anti-Semitism.                                                                                                                                                                                                 Followers of thealternative right are very active online. They are very active on sites likeBreibart, Infowars and 4chan. Members are often seen trolling people online andprovoking people of the left wing.

Frequently it occurs that members say racistthings online, but they don’t see it as an act of hate, but as an act offreedom. They also use a lot of made up slam words such as ‘cukservative’,which stand for someone who has lost his masculinity. There are not a lot ofdefinitive spokespersons of the alt-right because most of the members areactive online. Three believed figureheads of the alternative right movement areMilo Yiannopoulos, Richard Spencer and Alex Jones. Milo Yiannopoulos is aBritish conservative who, until February 2017, worked as the senior editor ofBreibart.

He embodies most of the alt-right philosophy and he is very criticalagainst social justice, multiculturalism, feminism and Islam. There have been alot of controversies about some of the statements that he has made. Yiannopouloshave stated multiple times that he is gay and he has never hid it from anyone. Neverthelesshas he made statements several times against homosexual people and he isconvinced that being gay is a sin. He has also asked a lot of questionsurrounding him being homosexual and the stated that he would rather beheterosexual if he had the option to choose. Logically Yiannopoulos has gottena lot of media attention and hate around him for his politically incorrectstatements.

 Another figurehead ofthe alternative right movement is the American white supremacist RichardSpencer. He is the director of the National Policy Institute and he is also incharge of the Washington Summit Publishers, which is a white nationalistpublisher. The term alt-right is by many believed to be initially promoted byRichard Spencer who used the term alternative right as the name for an onlinepublication in 2010. Spencer has also participated in a lot of rally’s includingthe rally at Charlottesville which we will furthermore in our essay talk about.Last we have the nationalist Alex Jones.

Jones is a big figure head in thealt-right and he has a lot of followers. The major reason is his radio show “TheAlex Jones Show” and his news website Infowars. With his two platformers he hasreached a reasonably big audience and made a lot of followers. Jones also hasgotten a lot of controversy around him because of the statements that he hasmade on his radio show and with the articles that he has written on hiswebsite. One of the most famous controversies around him is his prediction of 9/11.Jones claimed that he had predicted the terrorist attack on the twin towers andthat he had warned citizens of his radio show.                    


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