The Loctek U2 fitness bike is for back rest recumbent exercise.

This is a compact exercise bike with full function such as quiet v-belt drive, a high-torque crank system and an LCD computer display. Moreover, it comes with 8-level magnetic tension system that allows you to adjust with your difficult exercises. Its v-belt drive deliver and flywheel provide smooth and consistent balance. The seat post is suitable for the persons of 5’1″ to 6’2″ tall. You can fold it easily to make it half of its size to store and transport.

Description of the Loctek U2 Fitness BikeThe Loctek U2 is your perfect choice for all needs. It’s a compact featured full functional bike. It comes with a high torque crank system, magnetic tension system and quite a V – belt system. The bike has an adjustable, large seat for back rest and simply adjustable knob tension. The bike is made of heavy duty steel frame construction for a long durability.

It also comes with safety foot straps. The capacity of the bike is240 pound and comes in black color.Some Special Features of the BikeThe bike comes with some special features. For example, its seat is large in size and back rest with vertically adjustable. Its safety ensures by the device of Dual action anti skid handlebar and safety foot straps. Construction with the heavy duty steel frame made it strong and durable. This recumbent exercise bike is best for the office use.FrameThe Loctek U2’s frame is made of sturdy steel.

It’s solid to allow support about 108 kg (240) weight. The weight capacity is a little bit of higher than your office seat. The bike is not designed for intense exercises and not comes with a handlebar. It requires a small space. The bike’s frame is made from sturdy and heavy duty steel. You can seem to get it as not wobbling or shaking as you exercise. Its all levels feel solid of resistance with speed of pedaling. These are suitable for burning calories to get a betters shape.

It needs to set on the flat surface.Comfort & VersatilityThe Loctek U2 provides comfortable riding as your great companion. The bike is built for versatility all riding along with not leaving your achy back to look for another one. You can want a cruiser with nice riding position, but fortuity transforming with that thing. The Bike is a speedy one with comfortable cruiser biking position and clearly ahead among the recumbent bike. Moreover, it also one step ahead of the speedy morning commuters provides all services you need for the best riding. You’ll get complete freedom and enjoy of Loctek U2 riding. Seat & backrestThe bike’s seat is adjustable with all ways, back, front, up, down.

The upright adjustment span is 8″ 20.3 cm) and its horizontal bar can be adjusted 4″ (10.1 cm). The bike’s seat is adjustable to all sides to get proper fitting with the users’ heights. The bike is best indicated for the people with heights of 5’1″ to 6’2″ on average.

You can make this adjustment quickly with one single adjustment knob and sliding the seat to your preferred height you want and make it tighten again, that’s all.Drive & resistanceA belt drive is equipped with the Loctek U2 bike, but its pedaling motion without a noise. That means the bike is perfectly useable in your office without bothering your coworkers. The resistance goes simply from hard to easy to provide for a large variety of people. Its belt drive with 8 pound weighted flywheel offers you a smooth pedaling experience. This assists to keep it smooth going at all resistance levels.

Concentrating on the pedaling form can make overcome to prevent stop becoming up and down motion instead of circular motion.ConclusionThe Loctek U2 is a quietly under the desk recumbent exercise bike. It’s suitable for anyone with deskbound job.

Its frictionless, 8-level and smooth magnetic resistance silently works to maintain your muscle. It boosts your heart’s functionalities during working hours. But, this is not an intense training, fitness machine. It offers medium intensity workouts with solid build, excellent price and great stability. Meta Description The Loctek U2 fitness bike is simply great with solid build, excellent price and stability that offer sturdy steel frame, comfortable Seat & backrest. 


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