The renowned Greek mathematician Archimedes once said, “give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.” The basic principle of this mechanism is that as the length of a lever increases, the effort to accomplish a task decreases.

This law can likewise apply to life. Life’s levers are experiences that combine to drive the individual to succeed. Fulfilling oneself with zeal and ethics is to build and set a stable fulcrum. Without a passion and drive for success, these opportunities and experiences become obsolete.

Few find the correct balance between these variables. I, however, aim to be someone who finds that perfect balance. Born and raised in a country like India; with rapidly increasing population, insufficient resources, fragmented management, and the lack of a unified and holistic urban design approach for life that ought to co-exist, efficient Architecture and Design stands as a symbol of hope and progress for all.

The fragile ecological circumstance requires a stable fulcrum, which will pave way for the nation’s progress. Hence, due to the possibilities of understanding about our surroundings more, I’d like to develop a great understanding of architecture, and use it to provide people a sustainable environment and safe housing facilities, to achieve the highest possible quality of life. Mount Holyoke College would not only provide me the greatest ability to help people but with their deep community involvement and famous architecture department, I would have an outstanding opportunity to help people as I develop the utmost understanding of architecture. The open curriculum will also bring me more benefits. The ability to study architecture and languages will help me interact and exchange ideas with fewer limits. To expand, even more, the open curriculum would allow me to surround myself with individuals that are just as passionate about languages and design as I am. With these classmates, I would love to have great conversations and even participate in studio projects.

Attending Mount Holyoke College will bring me all of these things, which will aid me in becoming the best architect I can possibly be. At Mount Holyoke, my architecture aspirations will be realized in this challenging, research-integrated environment. In return, I believe the combination of my academic strength and creative personal characteristics will definitely contribute to the institution and help to add to the interdisciplinary atmosphere of the school. It takes more than just hard work to succeed as an architecture professional. However, with all of the opportunities Mount Holyoke has to offer, if, given the chance to attend, I am certain that I would utilize every one; becoming not only an active member of the university and forming a stable fulcrum for myself, but growing as a leader of tomorrow.



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