The data I collected from interviews and secondary datareveals that food is wasted mostly in wedding ceremonies, canteens, restaurantsand parties, especially in the month of Ramadan in Pakistan. As our firstresearch question was places where maximum food is wasted. Food is wasted ineach step from initial production to the last consumption step but its amountis greater in consumption stage.The quantity of food waste In Serena hotel Islamabad couldfeed approximately 200 adults a day at an average of food.

This quantity offood waste in the Ramadan that is 870 kg of food is wasted each day(Dawn,2016)and this huge amount can feed approximately six to seven-hundred poors anafternoon as stated in study of (Tasneem Saifuddin) in literature review thataround forty percent of food is wasted in consumption stage. The buffet iftarand dinner events enhances the food waste possibilities. If we add food wastagefrom all hotels in Pakistan, not even a single person sleeps hungry if thatamount would be given to poors. Wedding planner Mansoor Shah said that he havearranged more than hundred functions in the town at the host’s path and  put together delightful food for the humanbeings but they do no longer care while ingesting and wasting food over half apercent. He also said that even educated peoples used to stock up their platesmore than they can consume. One of the main reason of this large amount ofwaste is lower food prices and higher incomes so their purchasing power ishigh.In United Kingdom, people throw away 7.

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3 million tonnes foodevery year and Preventing this food waste could save the average family £700 ayear (WRAP, 2007) but necessary actions are been taken to reduce this waste. From2007 to 2012, meals waste fell via 15%, and avoidable meals waste dropped by21% (Rebecca Smithers, 2017. £470 worth of food is wasted in United Kingdom,which could have been eaten but thrown away. This waste generated 19m tonnes ofgreenhouse gases over its lifetime. Jahangir, student at NUST, said that peopleshould take food that they can consume, without losing any of it. He said thatif we do not waste meals at birthday parties, then persons who offer carrier tothe people, can eat it afterwards which is also described by Martin Caraher(2017) study, in literature review, who gave solution for tackling food loss.Most of the data collected in this study matches with the previous researches anddifferent articles.A member of mess personnel in Ghazali hostel said that ifone gets a chance to go to kitchens of mess of hostels, then one might be takenaback to see the amount of meals going to dustbins.

He also said that not onlystudents who left food uneaten are responsible for food waste but also upper hostelstaff who decided how much food will be cooked every day. He said sometimesfood is cooked in that much quantity that even after all mess staff along withstudents eat, quarter part of the total food is left that cannot be usedoutside hostel so that remaining food is thrown in dustbins. Hafiz Aslam said thatif one waste single piece of date, he will be answerable to god and today we socalled Muslims are throwing food like it is mentioned in Quran or Hadith.

Onglobal scale, around USD 750 billion worth of food was wasted in 2007(GreenFacts, 2015).  Food waste produced largeamount of greenhouse gas which affects the climate and economy. Surplus foodcan be donated to food banks which can be feed to destitute families instead ofwasting.

If you have items that are still safe for consumption but, for onereason or another, can’t be used, a local food bank may appreciate yourcontribution to feeding people in your community. In restaurants you can’t alot do with food as soon as it’s left your kitchen, however you could makecertain which you’re providing visitors with necessary facts and proper portionsizes, so your customers understand what to anticipate and might devour untilthey’re conveniently complete.


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