The occasion that occurred on November 24 in Brussels, actually, can be viewed as a defining moment for the further advancement of our nation.

The concurrence on improved organization marked between the Republic of Armenia (RA) and the European Union gives another heading to the remote strategy vector of the RA, making it more important and adaptable. Regardless, this is its early introduction. Nowadays, there has been a considerable measure of contention about this report, it is talked about a great deal by different political powers. There is no lack of totally unique sentiments, and I might not want to remark in detail on the different arrangements of the previously mentioned Agreement. I have a totally unique objective – to endeavor to dissect what prospects can be open for our nation after the marking of this report and, similarly imperative, what is the advantage of the European Union from this. I figure you will concur that with the beginning of the twenty first century, like never before, at the core of the consenting to of any arrangement of interstate significance are not selfless driving forces.

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This ought to be helpful to the two gatherings, it is an aphorism. Whatever it was, the most happy accomplishment for Armenia is that, above all else, our nation gets great prospects for the advancement of level contacts with the EU part states in the political, financial and different circles. I believe that building associations on such a stage can make extra open doors, above all else, so expert Armenian methodologies in the Artsakh issue turn out to be more satisfactory for European nations. For me actually this is a standout amongst the most essential outcomes. Furthermore, the marked record, all things considered, foretells the change of the financial circumstance in Armenia, the insurance of human rights through administrative changes, the arrangement of a common society, the rearrangements of the way toward giving section visas. Coincidentally, on this part, I have an inquiry: indeed, these guidelines will just apply to subjects of Armenia? If not, at that point would we say we are prepared to legitimately meet in our nation a continually developing human outcast stream comprising of “recently reproduced” Germans and Frenchmen? My clue is more than straightforward, yet about it – between the lines.

 What’s more, now with respect to collaboration in different circles: talking about the possibilities of the normal quick advancement of the Armenian economy because of the consenting to of the arrangement, I would likewise like to be exceptionally careful. How about we not overlook that the mind dominant part of the EU part states are in profound financial emergency, and in the states of furious rivalry they have to scan for new markets. In such conditions the response to the subject of the amount they are prepared to make strides towards the improvement of our nation’s economy is left to the perusers.

 In addition, we have before our eyes the case of Moldova and Georgia, equivalent in numerous regards, including the level of financial improvement, with Armenia, also Ukraine. Conjectures that European markets are overflowed with Moldovan or Georgian natural products, vegetables and wines, to understate the obvious, were misrepresented. Furthermore, Ukraine amid the last Brussels meeting was transparently educated that the following three tranches – each for 600 million euros, will be gotten simply after the usage of the changes required by Brussels and satisfaction of the duties attempted. In such manner, it will enthusiasm to peruse the understanding by and by and elucidate, for instance, how basic the prerequisite is to close the Metsamor NPP. Maybe there is one territory in which we will expect more.

It’s about legitimate changes. Today we are seeing the genuine weight applied by free-thinking Europe (how about we call things by their own names) on Armenia, sticking to its conventions, through impulse to acknowledge, to understate the obvious, the laws of the Armenians that negate the national soul. To imagine that subjective satisfaction of some of these or those prerequisites will be a simple errand will act naturally trickery. The changes we are doing will be considered under the Brussels “magnifying lens”. Furthermore, now – about the most vital thing. I don’t at all need the feeling that I don’t welcome the marking of a comfort by Armenia.

Certainly, it isn’t. I will state more: I am persuaded that it is important to keep extending collaboration both with the EU part states and with the EEMP, essentially with Russia, not the slightest bit restricting the two vectors to each other. Genuine, nowadays, in the remarks of our Russian companions and social and political figures, there are an ever increasing number of notes of pain and disillusionment. Specifically, the chief of the Middle East Institute, the notable political researcher and business analyst Yevgeny Satanovsky, focusing on that he regards this progression of Armenia, in any case noticed that in the states of the “icy war” proclaimed by his nation from the West, this reality can not but rather aggravate Russia. Here I concur with Mr.

Satanovsky. How about we be earnest: in the current geopolitical substances, the separation from the zone of impact of the Russian Federation to one of its nearest partners would already be able to be viewed as a vital occasion for the West. In the meantime, we should not overlook that in 2013, both from the EU and the Russian Federation, the decision of “or-or” was considerably harder, however we didn’t down and settled on our own advantages. The marking of a somewhat unique in content, but instead comparable in nature to the past report, by and by demonstrates that four years back Armenia acted effectively, taking a sort of time-out and clearing up its imminent activities.

As we have just observed, this progression has been gotten with comprehension and regard by the EU, and I am persuaded that as of now today we will get sufficient criticism from the lips of our Eurasian accomplices. It is imperative to comprehend that on the planet that is getting to be globalized each day, the main open door for Armenia to assume its legitimate position in it is to wind up plainly a connection between two progressed ways to deal with facilitate world advancement. Also, we are obliged to wind up noticeably an extension between the western and eastern human advancements, transporters of which have been for a long time consecutively. In any case, for this it is important to enthusiastically shield the interests of our kin and state by all conceivable lawful means, including able strategy, while in the meantime satisfying the commitments set before us. This will enable Armenia to likewise fortify its legitimate expert later on. The assignment, obviously, isn’t simple, however it is totally reasonable.

I am persuaded that our antiquated and savvy individuals have the potential that is important to satisfy such a mindful part.


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