The article “Trading smart phone time for sleep? Your loss” by Sharon Oosthoek was published on December 11th. In the article the author talks about how being on screens are the cause of why students get no sleep. A psychologist named Jean Twenge said the “Lack of sleep is linked to depression, anxiety, poor school performance and obesity,”When looking into other causes for lack of sleep in students, Twenge said homework, watching tv, and after school jobs didn’t make a difference.

In studies it’s proven that the ray of blue lights students devices give off, tricks their brain. This is saying that the light makes the brain think it’s still morning making it harder to fall asleep. People who are on their phone for 5 or more hours are 50% more likely to have lack of sleep. When students have 2 hours or more activity on their phone they should stop right there. Twenge said that when it’s 30 minutes to an hour before bedtime, you should turn your phone off, and put it in a different room. This way when you get a notification or a text your less likely to look at it.

Twenge said this because when students look at their phone in the middle of the night, the light from their phone will automatically wake them up. And even if they try and go back to sleep it won’t be as good as before because your not sleepy anymore. Jane Croft a person who studies teens and sleep said that it’s best for kids to have their phones out of their rooms.

She also said for kids to practice going to sleep and waking up at the same time everyday. This way your body is accustomed to going to sleep at a certain hour. This article is interesting because technology has a big involvement in today’s modern world. Knowing this information can help parents to watch over the hours their kids spend on devices everyday. Ways to let people know is to bring it up in conversation with students if you hear what they were doing. If you hear that kids that your around spend most of their time on their phone then you should let them know of what will happen it they continue. Another way to spread the news is to continue writing articles about it, with how many people are online soon it’ll catch someone’s eye.


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