The butterfly effect is the theory that a small event, such as a butterfly flapping its wings, can lead to a chain reaction that causes something else to occur, such as a tornado. Tris is the main character in the book Divergent by Veronica Roth. Divergent is about Tris leaving her family to join a new faction. She finds out the government is planning to take control of all the factions and stops them by shutting down the computer they used to mind control everyone. Tris’ exposure to the Dauntless culture causes her to be Brave.

This is shown through the elements settings and conflicts. This is what helped her defeat the government at the end of the story.The first element that proves my thesis is setting. In the pit, which is where Tris did the admission tests for Dauntless, she was exposed to dangerous situations and dauntless culture, which forced her to be brave.

An example of this is when she stood up for her friend, even if it meant almost dying. Her friend Al was bad at knife target practice, so their instructor, Eric, punishes Al by making him stand in front of the target while he throws knives at him. Tris stands up for him, and suggested that she should take Al’s place.

When Eric “Passes a knife from his left hand to his right hand and I see nothing but his eyes as the second knife hits the target above my head,”(Roth 163), she does not flinch. This shows that the Dauntless training is very effective, because she does not feel afraid when a knife is being thrown at her. She likely would have been scared if that had happened before the training. There is a building in Divergent called the Hancock building, which is 100 stories high. Uriah, one of the Dauntless born initiates, asks Tris to join him and other Dauntless initiates in a Dauntless Ritual. Uriah tells her that every year, the new Dauntless initiates zipline down the Hancock building.

After Zeke, Uriah’s brother, straps her in, “He releases the sling… I open my mouth again. I just crow with joy,”(Roth 221). This shows that she enjoyed ziplining from 100 stories high.

This reveals a lot about her character. Her exposure to the Dauntless culture is what allowed her to experience this ritual. She wouldn’t have been able to experience this in Abnegation, which is the faction she’s originally from.Only a brave person would be able to fight against the government, which is what Tris did. Tris’ conflict with the government played a role in making her brave. When the conflict first started, Tris gets caught wandering somewhere she should not have been.

The leader of Erudite suspected Tris of being divergent. She told Tris that “‘Apparently there was a problem with your test. It was never recorded, and your results had to be reported manually. Did you know that?’ ‘No'”(Roth 357).

This quote shows that Tris wasn’t afraid to lie to the leader of the Erudite faction, the smartest person in the book. This shows that the conflict helped develop Tris’ bravery. Consequently, After the government has everyone mind controlled, except Tris and her boyfriend, Tobias, Eric talks to one of the scientists and asks if he’ll get in trouble if he kills Tobias. When she says no, Eric points his gun at Tobias. Tris shows her bravery when she sees “Tobias’ hand twitch in front of my eye, but my hand is already on my gun. I press the barrel to Eric’s forehead,” (Roth 424).

When she sees her boyfriend almost die, she acts quickly and pulls a gun out and points it at Eric. This is evidence that her conflict with the government made her braver. In conclusion, by joining dauntless, Tris was exposed to the dauntless culture, a new environment, and conflict with the Erudite government which forced her to become brave.


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