The moon leisurely arose into the fading night sky as the brisk summer breeze blew, spreading the musk of freshly cut grass through the air like a virus through the body. An array of constellations danced through the darkness above as fireflies lit up the earth below. Everyone had fallen asleep, but the Earth woke up.There I sat, a speck on the cosmic scale, in a state of unadulterated peace with myself and everything around me. Waiting for the meteor shower, Luci, my friend, and I sat for what felt like an eternity.  “This is taking forever can we just go inside already?” Luci said, impatiently, if nothing else she was good at whining.”No! The meteors will start soon.

I’m sure.” I said in reply,”Well they better, it’s been an hour, and I’m tired already.””Trust me, I looked it up,” I didn’t really look it up, “only like five more minutes tops I’m sure of it.” I also was not very sure of it, but she did believe me, she always believed me. Well, that she usually believed me would be a more accurate statement.”Ok,” she said “but if it takes a second over five minutes Im going inside.

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” “Deal.” I said, but in my mind the deal was more that I got my way and her side was invalid, but now I see myself as lucky that I never got punched in the face as a child for being that much of a jerk.Soon enough, the faintest glimmer of light hit my eye, as the meteors gracefully glided into nothingness, and I fell entranced with the night sky, adapting a curious connection with the celestial unknown. Unlike myself, Luci was not so captivated by the flying space matter above our heads, she spent most of the time stating how late it had been. Waiting inside for the inevitable of us becoming too cold or too tired, sat my mother.

Though it was her choice to linger in her chair waiting for Luci and myself, I still felt remorseful, for forcing her to stay up until nearly three in the morning. While my mother had been waiting Luci and I sat and spoke, while both messaging the same person.”Stop being a brat its like at least 65 degrees outside,” I said after what felt like years of complaining from Luci.

Which now looking back was very hypocritical, being that I complain so much that it’s almost a hobby. “Fine but only like ten more minutes, unlike you I actually need sleep.” Luci said in retaliation, offended that I had called her a brat. But, she was right, we both ended up extremely tired the following day.”Okay, ten minutes.

” I said in fake agreeance, seeing that we ended up outside for far longer than ten more minutes. About an hour and a half later I still lay, falling into the sky, enamored and hypnotized, then the silence broke-“Gwen! Are you deaf? Don’t make me ask you again! Can you at least go get me another blanket? Or go inside? Gwen!” Luci yammered on. “Alright, alright, you can use my blanket and we’ll go inside shortly.” For maybe the first time that night I had not stretched the truth and we did go inside about five minutes after.One last time we lay envisioning the twinkling debris that had previously fallen through our atmosphere, and that night fall asleep with visions of stardust in our minds.It is puzzling as to why this day comes into my mind often, maybe it was the way the cool wind blew hitting my still body, or maybe how the sky lit up the darkness of our lonely street.

I have come to believe that it is more than that. I have come to believe that it is the feeling of immaculate peace that I felt on that day, I touched the sky and I held the moon.


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