The exploring and colonizing of North America began in the 1400s but only became more popular between 1640 and 1700. During this time the population in North America increased from 25,000 people to over 250,000 people. The population was made up of Europeans from all across Europe. The reasons why they came to explore or colonize North America differed with each group of people and their life in Europe. Europeans came to North America in search of religious freedom, desire to find wealth, and political freedom. North America was the desired land by many Europeans because they would have more rights in America than in Europe.
Most of the Europeans who came to settle in America came for religious freedom. Freedom of religion was not able to be easily obtained in Europe. People, called the Puritans, were just one of the many groups who came in search of practicing their religion freely. In 1527 King Henry VIII created the Anglican Church. This new church was Protestant, but its rituals and organizations kept many Catholic components. “Puritans wanted to ‘purify’ the Anglican Church of any remains Catholic elements.” (24) The Puritans also did not approve of the idea of the monarchs being given the power to appoint bishops to be in charge of the church. They believed each “congregation” should be able to have an election to choose their own leaders of the church. These ideas were denied when King James became king of the Anglican Church. This lack of reform in the church led to the Puritans leaving England in search of religious freedom in America. Not only did Puritans leave because the Anglican Church would not listen to their ideas, they were being persecuted for their beliefs of the supremacy of God, the importance of preaching, a literal belief in scripture and worshipping in a simple mannerism. For these reasons they fled to America to be free to practice religion in the way, they wanted to.
Several colonies were colonized and founded by the Europeans who came to America in search of becoming wealthy. The opportunity to become wealthy by growing crops and exporting them was not always feasible for those living in Europe, so many Europeans took the journey to America to achieve wealth. They heard of lots of unsettled land in America and wanted to take advantage of it. When the Europeans got to America, they began to settle into the land and cultivate it. The people were able to grow more crops in America than in Europe. The population was much larger in Europe, not allowing them to cultivate much land. Many crops were grown like tobacco, their cash crop, rice, corn, and more. These crops were grown all over the land and were cultivated very often. Based on their surrounding, the Europeans decided to export their goods for a profit. By exporting these goods, the Europeans in America were able to make more money than they ever would in Europe. 
Political freedom was declining in Europe for the people who lived there. England at the time had a corrupt government system. The English Parliament was supposed to be an instrument of peace for the country, but most of the time it made situations worse. The country also had a limited monarchy, but most rulers ended up becoming absolute, abusing government power. The government had trouble governing the country and making decisions that were beneficial to the people. The country was met with rapid inflation, high taxes, and the possibility of a war at any given time. Europeans, especially those in England, wanted to be free from all the corruptness, therefore they left to start new in America. 
North America was a land the Europeans coveted. It was a new land, with lots of space, freedom, and no rulers they had to obey. Once the Europeans felt they could no longer live in Europe without being persecuted, they took the journey to America. Europeans were finally able to travel to the land where they hoped to find religious freedom, wealth, and political freedom. When they got to America all they desired to find was obtained. They no longer felt oppressed by their country with limited freedom for its people. The traveling of the Europeans to America due to religious and political persecution and little wealth, lead to the colonization of the colonies in America. 


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