The purpose of trailers is to advertise a film and make the audience want to go and see it. To catch the audience’s eye, film trailers have to be effective and original.

In this case the trailers for Mission Impossible 2 and Kevin and Perry Go Large are both effective, making the films look like something that the viewer wants to pay to see.┬áKevin and Perry Go Large starts without sound creating suspense for the viewer as what is approaching is unknown. A man’s dialogue, which is non-diegetic, introduces the trailer. The significance of the man’s voice relates to the two main characters who are both male.

The male voice is mysterious which also creates suspense as something eerie may happen throughout the film.When the narrator says “Any house, any street,” this particular line makes the audience feel involved and suggests it could relate to anyone. At this stage, the genre of the film is still unknown. After the dialogue without background music, music which Kevin and Perry have made up themselves is played, this is diegetic; it is fairly quiet and introduces us to the love of music which the two boys have. Nearer the end of the trailer, the music changes to dance music, which is fast and quickens the pace.

This type of music makes their holiday sound lively and interesting. It also illustrates that this is the best part of the film. The text which is present on the screen has sound effects accompanying it as the text bounces it makes a bouncing sound. This effect makes the phrases stand out drawing the viewers to the crucial parts which the director has chosen to emphasize.

The establishing shot introduces us to where Kevin and Perry live. The mysterious village builds a climax as to what could happen next. We are then introduced to the characters, Kevin, Perry and Kevin’s two parents, which is done with close ups. These shots show the roles clearly. This is shown to attract fans of the actors who play the characters.

Recognition of the famous Kevin and Perry from the television series will also boost the amount of people who want to go and view the film. Showing the viewers the two parents, gives a slight clue that they may have something to do with the boys; parents are known for ruining children’s fun.Disaster is put into the audience’s minds at this point from the knowledge of Kevin and Perry, as they are known to be clumsy and foolish and the fact that parents are involved in the film. Kevin and Perry are wearing unusual clothes, which make people think that they have no fashion sense and they are dim-witted. However the characters think they look good. This factor comes across as bringing humour to the film as there may be some conflict with this. We then get an insight into what Kevin and Perry do in their free time and we see their personalities as very humorous because they are embarrassed when girls speak to them and their dreams seem that they will never come true. They appear to be typical teenagers.

A younger audience can relate to this therefore this attracts an even wider range of viewers.We are then told that Kevin and Perry are going to Ibiza. The younger generation automatically relate to the place. This is paradise, clubs, the sun and what Kevin and Perry want the most, girls. This announcement that the boys are going to Ibiza suddenly gives us a sense of hope for the two teenagers. Our hopes are brought back to reality when we know from the news that the parents are accompanying them on the paradise holiday. However this could be interesting. The viewers are enticed to know what happens.

The trailer shows Kevin and Perry arriving in Ibiza at the airport. This sets the location to show the viewers that their dreams are certainly coming true and this is where the fun starts for everyone. They encounter a famous DJ at the airport.

This tells the viewers that this important star will be involved later in the film.Throughout the trailer many different shots are presented, showing teenagers, humour, disaster and fun. By doing this the trailer attracts many different types of audiences. To get messages across to the viewers the director uses big, bold, bright coloured text to do this. The phrases are short and catchy and words such as ‘sex, clubs, cool, babes and go large’ all relate to the film and the title showing exactly what you are going to expect if you watch the film.Every teenager experiences things such as this, which catches their awareness. The text ‘From the creators of Bean, the ultimate disaster movie’ appears.

It invites people who liked the funny film called Bean and the genre is shown in case it is not yet clear. The Mise en scene helps the audience understand the story without giving too much away, leaving people to consider what happens next. This is effective.As we begin to watch the trailer, slow editing which fades is used for the first few shots.

This way of putting the shots across makes us concentrate on the characters, who most people would recognise. Further on in the trailer the editing quickens. As we reach the Ibiza part of the film the editing gets faster as does the music, increasing the pace.

The end of the trailer shows many shots of all different scenes, giving the viewer an idea of what goes on during the film. The editing gives the trailer speed, making it look effective.When the camera enters the village, the weather is cloudy and the lighting is quite dull. This gives the impression that something mysterious may happen. Given this feeling, people could misjudge the genre. However the dull setting may have something to do with the fact that during the film things are bound to turn out wrong. At the dinner table when we first see the characters, the background is dull and the lighting, which is a lamp, is dim.

We get the impression that there is friction at the table between the family. At the beginning of the trailer the characters tend to have a shadow which may also have something to do with the anxiety between each person.In the dining room where the parents tell the two boys that they are going on holiday, the room tends to look lighter than it did before, the bright and airy feeling gives us hope for Kevin and Perry. In the beach scenes the sun is the light source. This is natural.

The sunny shots show happiness and fun. This contentment persuades younger people who like a good time to come and see the film. When we eventually reach the club scene, artificial coloured lights brighten up the dark building in which all the clubbers are dancing. This hi-tech feeling makes the dancers look as if they are having a good time enjoying modern technology.

People who enjoy clubbing can relate to this, drawing a wider range to see the film. The lighting is successful, it makes the film look professional and engaging.


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