If someone had to inquire about the multicultural problem that we face today, then probably majority of the answers would still lie on the racial differences just as in the early settings. The answers would focus on issue of American foreigners who were incidentally native through their family link of various American generations. The multicultural literature once dominated by white text has greatly transformed and many writers floods the same literature that has over the time accused various races in terms of ignorance, violence, crime, immoral, brutal, and uncontrollable feral passions among other forms of un-civilization. Currently, the syllabus on American literature has to meet the diversity enhancements as mandated in the university requirements. Revisions on career outline indicate that there is a wide difference between what students learn about the contemporary world, and the historical perspectives regarding multicultural settings.

Students are today able to embrace all the current literature about culture because all the materials are new and are remarkably free from the historical prejudices. The world studied today is quite different from what existed in the past. There is lack of the exclusivities in teaching methods and literature learning in current American literature. There is an overwhelming change over the confined nature of past-institutionalized form of study where the teachers in the subject matter directed or were in control over the topics of discussions. The development is evident in current discussions, for instance it is possible to find authentic discussions regarding African-American studies, Lesbianism studies or even various forms of music evolution studies such as analysis of Jazz music evolution. Students have overcome the societal inequities brought about by the civil right era, which in some cases become more insidious especially during the last quarter of the twentieth century.

Students are currently willing to have open discussions of multicultural issues and therefore the teachers conduct the proceedings non-dogmatically by allowing different point of views. There is development on language and aesthetic as well especially on issues relating to power of translating native languages. The current study of American literature provides excitement, satisfaction, surprise, criticism and doubt among readers, which maintain the zeal and anxiety over diversification of culture.

Majority of recently written literature about multiculturalism voices the victims by giving them opportunity to share experiences. There is clear indication of how various cultures in America enriches the society through sharing of cultural differences and arts. The mutual interaction and assimilation expands the multicultural perspectives through learning and appreciation of ethnic heritage.

Current multicultural literature has a close description touching on assimilation of American cultures. Most of the current literature writes have explanation indicating their pride of belonging to a multicultural community while still being able to retain the unique heritage of their origin unlike prejudiced historical writings. Today’s literature indicates that there is evident push from Americans who advocate to participate in multicultural practices and experiences for instance through appreciation of foreign art, music or food. Literature writers immerse the American literature into the vibrant cultures by depicting the positive differences and benefits they represent. The past couple of decades have seen culturally related wars over the procedures of teaching American literature.

Heated debates over multiculturalism have spread beyond the college books to news materials such as magazines, thus enticing mixed reactions. Some people feel that American literature is failing, while others see the situation is a transformation of teaching methods. Classical and traditional literature that writers forgot or overlooked is finding a transformation through modernized form of interpretation.

There are hopes for the twenty-first century for the reason that more challenges will enrich the abandoned American literature and heritage with more positive or diverse analysis of the traditions.


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