The works of Peter Jackson always amaze people by their richness, fascination, and beauty. His famous trilogy The Lord of the Rings made him recognizable all over the world by people of different age and race. The adventures of a young hobbit, the creation of the Fellowship of the Ring, and the land of Mordor – all this is a small part of the story, created by J. R. R.

Tolkien and produced by Jackson. On my opinion, the production of the movie The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring was enhanced considerably by means collaboration between different departments, detailed planning, and moving storyboards; Peter Jackson’s faithful and painstaking job may serve as a good outcome of this collaboration, and fans’ obsession with Tolkien and the movie becomes one of the most powerful evidence of this work’s success. The movie The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring is based on the Tolkien’s first volume of The Lord of the Rings.

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The peculiar feature of the book is Tolkien’s unique style of writing, desire to underline the darkest times and the problems that living beings may face with. However, Jackson’s approach to the production of the movie was a bit different to the Tolkien’s ideas. He wanted to introduce something lively, kind, and friendly.

In spite of the fact that this very gesture was not inherent to Tolkien, his fans evaluated Jackson’s attempts and fell in love with this movie. There were three significant things, which influenced the production of the movie. One of them was a detailed plan created by Jackson to introduce each piece of work in accordance with certain order and sense. Jackson’s purpose was to re-invent this magnificent fantasy; his actions have been planned for a certain period of time to transport people to one more reality, to the world of hobbits, magic, and elves. The book itself was published about 60 years ago, and Jackson decided to represent or even to reborn this story on the screen. Considerable help of Christian Rivers promoted storyboarding of the trilogy. Jackson offered to accept this Middle-earth from a historical perspective as if it existed actually one day, influenced evolution, and promoted the war between good and evil. The use of storyboarding was another important means that improved the movie’s production and helped to discover potential problems in advance in order not to spoil the whole work.

By means of storyboards, Jackson got an opportunity to evaluate the layouts of events and the ways of how these layouts could be observed through cameras. The development of this trilogy took much time, and storyboarding became a winning idea to save this time and prevent certain challenges. The idea to join different departments and to create a worthwhile piece of work made the final improvement of the work. Peter Jackson made a decision to represent a fantasy on the screen, and the work on different levels and of different directions became crucial for successful results. The work of design department, special effects’ department, costume designer department, and, of course, make-up department needed to be common and considered. The mistake of one department could influence the rest of the work. Jackson found enough powers and skills to organize this work and this collaboration in a proper way.

The collaboration of departments, proper storyboarding, and detailed plan of the work were the three signs of success of Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. This professional director comprehended that the failure of one point could lead to the failure of the rest of the work. This is why a proper evaluation of each step and attention to Tolkien’s intentions made this movie one of the most remarkable in the film industry.


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