The Treaty of Versailles was iniquitous to germany and didn’t blame any other countries and what will cause World War II (WWII) in September 1 1939.

The Treaty of Versailles made german citizens and started the Nazi Party and they started to take over the government. The Treaty of Versailles also forced them to give up their coal mines and other land they have gotten from other battles. Germany had to pay 112 gold marks and that translates into 341 billion US dollars in war reparations.It was a war that took the lives of ten million soldiers and seven million civilians and wounded ten million more. Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Turkey were fighting on one side and France, Italy, England, and Russia fought on the other. Peace was needed so finally after the war ended the leaders meet for a treaty. The Treaty of Versailles produced German anger and humiliation leading to World War II.

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It did this through imposing territorial losses, military restrictions, economic reparations, and war guilt. The Treaty of Versailles contributed to the territorial losses that Germany received after World War I. Germany lost a great amount of territory. They lost the Polish Corridor, Alsace Lorraine, and part of Denmark. This was significant because losing the Polish Corridor split Germany in half. They also lost major port cities. The Germans were very angered about these losses.

Hitler said the restoration of 1914 could be achieved only by blood. In addition to territorial losses, Germany also suffered Military restrictions from the Treaty of Versailles. According to article 160 from the treaty, German troops were allowed a total number of one hundred thousand. Germany was surrounded by other countries with large military troops. France had the largest army of all the nations and they were in control.

With such a small army, Germans felt unsafe and scared. This was worrisome to many Germans and another reason they were against the Treaty of Versailles. Another important factor that the Treaty of Versailles played on Germany was they made them pay economic or war reparations. Article 232 of the treaty states the Allies require, and Germany undertakes, that she will make compensation for all the damage done to civilian population of the Allied and Associated Power and to their property during the period of the belligerency.

The payments were to begin May 1, 1921 and they should be finished by May 1, 1951. The reduced amount Germany was required to pay was 112 billion gold marks which is equivalent to 341 billion U.S. dollars. The original reparation was 132 billion gold marks. In the 1920’s, the Germans were angry and didn’t pay any.

in 1929, they paid only 2 billion marks, Then finally in 1933 the payments stopped when Hitler took power. Furthermore the Treaty of Versailles made Germany responsible for the war guilt. Germany was blamed for World War I and the people didn’t like this. They felt that the treaty was evil and unfair. What they knew of the treaty was etched indelibly in their minds and could be abbreviated in a single word: humiliation. When Hitler came to power he gave them a restoration of their pride. He was able to get them out of all their war guilt they had.


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