The study focuses on
undocumented latinex immigrants who are victims of hate and as a result, are
experiencing depression. The objective of the particular study was to observe
depression signs and comprehend the function of culture (Cobb, C. al.,
2017). Depression is a serious matter that is common among people who suffer
from feeling miserable, hopelessness, and even suicidal. The study used
everyday discrimination (ED) which is known as ordinarily experiencing
mistreatment such as when a person uses racial slurs to undermine another human
being. Previous studies denote that Latinos who face discrimination exhibited
clear signs of despair (as cited Cobb, C. al., 2017). The study uses a
multidisciplinary approach to integrate multiple fields to understand how
culture, acculturation, and everyday discrimination connects to depression
altogether. The hypothesis claims that depression signs are a result of when
individuals acclimatize into a new society as well as daily discrimination.
This study showed an interesting point of view in how various effects connect
and lead to discrimination. Within this study, there were around 122
undocumented Latinos who have resided in the united states for over five months
between the ages of 18 and 58. Certain individuals had some practice in
learning English (Cobb, C. al., 2017). Most of the participants chosen
were from cities that were of sizeable immigrant populations. Many of the towns
especially little rock, Arkansas restricted Undocumented immigrants from being
able to access resources (as cited in Cobb, C. al., 2017). The method used
was an abbreviated multidimensional acculturation scale where a questionnaire
was distributed and scored between 1 through 4 as either strongly agreeable or
opposed. The everyday discrimination scale calculated how often immigrants were
poorly treated whereas the Depression scale evaluated their feelings throughout
the week (as cited in Cobb, C. al., 2017). Most of the procedures and
tests are focusing on critical factors that emphasize the exploitation of
undocumented immigrants within society currently. This particular study is
captivating and fascinating since learning that acculturation is common and has
an immense influence on discrimination and depression indications.          


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