The framework of this assignment was to observe
a teacher classroom management style, strategies, and students behaviors in the
classroom. Check if the teacher is following an established and effective
procedure, note whether positive interactions between the teacher and student
occur more frequently than negative interactions.

Finally, locate some classroom management
mistakes that occur in the class during observation and try to find solutions
to increase effective classroom management and decrease problem student

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Classroom management  


Classroom management refers
to the large type of skills and techniques that instructors use to keep students
organized, focused, attentive, on task, and academically fruitful during a

When classroom-management strategies are done
effectively, instructors decrease the behaviors that block learning for both groups
of learners and individual learner, while increasing the good behavior that
promote learning.

instructors tend to display strong classroom-management skills, while the trait
of the inexperienced or less effective instructor is a messy classroom filled
with learners who are not paying attention or working. (Reform, 2014)

The importance of classroom management is to
acquire control of the classroom, to provide a conducive learning environment
to the learner, and the best using of classroom time.

The purpose of classroom management is to create
effective learning ambiance in which lessons operate smoothly, disruption is
minimized, and students can flourish. (Digiulio, 2006)


School description


As you walk up to the school, you can see a
clean, well-maintained building that is basic to create the best environment
for teaching and learning.  

the floors shine because of the bright colors of the walls, there are beautiful
pictures that students have painted hanging everywhere. The school is a building
of 3 floors. The playground is wide and well organized, where students can play

inside and outside of the building are very attractive. The main entry area is clean
and welcoming to all visitors. Student and staff bathrooms are clean, and in
working order with paper supplies with regular cleaning to prevent odors. Floors
in the halls, offices, staircases, and classrooms are clean. All classroom
doors are colorful and well decorated.  Offices are clean, and well ordered. Classes
bulletin boards are well organized and posted materials are up-to-date.  The cafeteria is clean and well maintained,
with a lot of varieties of healthy food.

teaching and learning can only take place in a safe, secure and supportive school
environment where students and staff members work together for the prosperity
of all members of the school community.

Classroom description


The classroom is large with one door, and two big windows. The Classroom is well-lit in order for students to
read, write, and follow what their teacher is saying.

The desks are arranged in a way where all students face the
teacher, and the teacher can walk around freely. Desks are new and clean and
have the correct dimensions for the age of the students, every desk has a shelf
where students keep their books and notebooks. A
large whiteboard where the instructor or students can share notes with other
members of the class. 

teachers’ desk is placed in a corner of the classroom in which she would be
able to look over all the students in her class, which is an important part of
classroom management. Names, class,
and room number are posted on the classroom door, where parents and students
can easily see them. The walls are well decorated, with some
expectations and rules that teacher would implement in her classroom.














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