The characters in the turbulent scenes of Manhattan occupy a number of roles.  Each role contains a set a rights, expectations, norms, and behaviors that a person has to meet.  Over time, the number of incompatible demands placed on a person increase and lead to role conflict.

 Gossip Girl uses this sociological concept to portray the role conflict between Blair and her mother, Eleanor Waldorf.  In season five, Eleanor tells Blair she wishes to retire from Waldorf Designs and designate her as the chief executive officer.  However, a short time after Blair turns the well-respected fashion empire’s style to promiscuous and sexy, Eleanor suggests that she return to the company and work together.  Being a mother and a boss is a prime example of a role conflict.  This relationship will pull a person in multiple directions and force him or her to balance the many statuses they hold.

 Because Blair is still an adolescent, the two find themselves in power struggles quite frequently.  In season one episode four, Eleanor confronts her daughter about a prior business meeting that took place,  “And as my daughter I knew that you would forgive me.  In time.  But if my company had lost this deal because of you..

. I’d never forgive myself.”  This quote is a situation in which an individual is fulfilling two conflicting roles and forced to prioritize.The dazzling Blair Waldorf is the toast of Gossip Girl’s blasts and, furthermore, envied by an entire population of followers.  Her marriage to Chuck Bass was the pinnacle of Gossip Girl’s posts and symbolized a new era.

 However, the physical wedding ring symbolizes a much greater meaning than just the bondage of love between two human beings.  Symbols are anything that meaningfully represents something else.  The symbol can produce loyalty or division because it does not have to have the same meaning for everyone.  The wedding band for Blair not only represented her eternal love and faith to Chuck, but also freedom.  When Blair walks in on a confrontation between Chuck and his father, she is a key witness of Bart’s accidental death.  Because only a spouse has the privilege of asserting their right to not testify against their significant other, Blair married Chuck.

 A second example of a symbol in Gossip Girl follows this incident when Lily van der Woodsen mourns the death of her husband.  She wears black to symbolize her feelings of grief and sorrow.Gossip Girl’s representation of class on the Upper East Side is a very twenty-first-century outlook.  Class refers to a group of people with similar levels of wealth, influence, and status.  Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz glamorize the character’s upper class so much that the poor are inevitably ignored.

  The so-called “charity galas” are more for respect and social perks than benefiting the poor.  Moreover, Gossip Girl is known for blowing up simple issues of the wealthy and making them seem drastically more strenuous than how they are in reality.  Blair Waldorf expresses her disgust for anyone lower than her numerous times in the show.  The steps of the Met are territorialized by Blair, and the higher and closer the step is to Blair, the more power you have.  Gossip girl points out Serena’s intrusion in season one by blogging, “Spotted on the steps of the Met: an S.

and B. power struggle.  Did S think she could waltz home and things would be just like they were?”  Blair’s ascribed status is a prime factor in how she emulates her power. The models of sociology are illuminated in numerous forms of mass media, such as movies, documentaries, books, and television shows.  A lot of pop culture today broadcasts a misrepresentation of the rags to riches American dream in an attempt to reach the audience’s attention.  Gossip Girl brings to light some of the stereotypes and misconceptions found in these concepts.

 The series directs attention to society’s prejudices, ideologies regarding class, the problems wealth endures, the difficulty to integrate, and compartmentalizing roles in exaggerated depictions.  Overall, the show’s outlook on the rich can be greatly shown through the explanations of sociology approaches. 


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