TheInteractive Oral helped me build up a more straightforward comprehension of thetime and era and furnished me with world ideas underneath the literalconditions.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest has a patronizing tone thatis engaged toward individuals who conflicted with the social standards and inKesey’s perspective, the oppressive tyrant, oppressor façade of thelegislature. The novel was composed and fixated on the life during the late1950s and mid 1960s, where the principle point of merging is the pickup of authorityand opportunity. For instance, in the novel, Nurse Ratched symbolizes acharacter who has better control over everyone, the boys and the asylum.

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Shewas frequently seen as the opponent of the story based on that the novel istold in Chief Bromden’s perspective, a male patient, which can be viewed assexual orientation against females, that they’re substandard compared to men. Oneof my class individuals provided me to better comprehend the conditions in the1960s as a period of social change, yet individuals still fit in with thesocietal standards and with the spread of socialism, individuals were on theirfeet with the obligation to maintain the bastion of popular government, theU.S. In my hometown, Pakistan, women are considered to be inferior to men andstill are.

Women in Pakistan are pondered to be useless and a distraction to societaldevelopment. Pakistani men believe that women are good at making children andthat should be there only job, moreover fathers tend to get their daughtersmarried quickly plus prevent them to have a chance for an education but just tocontinue their family chain and continue this constant process for years. This relatesto the novel because Nurse Ratched expectations for the ward is for it to bemoving smoothly without any problems and nothing to interfere with her work,but, Mc Murphy arrived and symbolized the law to give more authority or powerto society to make a change. I can relate to this because one of my peersdiscussed how his mother got married at a very young age and had no choice, whichprevented her from continuing her education and is now at the age of 37 goingto college for a better future. From our group discussion I was able to successfullyunderstand everyone’s different perspective on how cultural and contextualconsiderations were developed through the interactive oral.              


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