Lord of the rings return of the king (extended edition) review Lord of the rings the return of the king is the last tale in the three epic novels written by J. R Tolkien which where fantastically crafted into three amazing films by the director peter Jackson. The opening scene of the film shows the transformation of man into beast it shows the deteriation of the being known as Smi?? agol into the decrepit creature knows as Gollum it shows how his friend Deagle found the ring and Smi??agol is ensnared by the rings beauty and mystical power and murders Deagle to get a hold of this ring. The music in the film really sets the scene and without it the film would still is a great film but the music gives it the edge that takes it from great to breathtaking. That concludes the opening scene The film then goes on to the final place of the second film in the trilogy (this being the last ) where the ally of the armies of mordor where crushed and the leader stays locked up in his stronghold a shell of his former self until he is murdered by his lackey his servant wormtail.The film creates a suspense as things go from strength to strength but then it switches back to the story of Frodo trying to destroy the ring and with it destroy the evil that has taken hold of middle earth which is a sharp contrast of colors and music as where Gandalf and the fellowship are it is bright and jolly music but where Frodo is its dark and lower pitched music more sinister as he travels through the evil lands.

There is a little fact in the film and that is that the film has strong ties with the Second World War as the evil forces of mordor represents the axis and the “fellowship of elves hobbits dwarves and men” represents the allies. There are individual representations for the races and the one that stands out the most are the hobbits small and peaceful and have a great obsession with potatoes these I think represent the Irish with there burrow homes with grass roof’s. The elves represent immigrants passing into a higher plain of existence almost ethereal like migrating out of middle earth to some safer plain of existence.The ring represents the one power which the Nazis wanted racial domination and the up most power which the ring represents as an icon of power for all those that hold it.

The effects of the film are outstanding and the film keeps you on the edge of your seat and keeps you focused on what’s going on as there is rarly a moment without brilliant and engrossing music that sets you up for the action. The music is highly medieval like but ties in well with the movie. The film has outstanding beauty as it engrosses you into the film and makes you feel nearly a part of it; the film is quite lengthy (4 hours and ten minutes long).In the second main scene after the opening scene there is a struggle as the caretaker of the throne of Gondor (the larger of the kingdoms of the west) is not willing to give up his position to the newly discovered king of the throne. The steward is slowly slipping into madness after he discovers one of his 2 sons has been slain in battle and this son happens to be his favorite he was baromire the general of Gondor’s army his second son faramire is shunned upon by his father and is seen as lesser than boromir.In all of the action of the film peter Jackson still manages to slip little pockets of humor into the film which greatly enlightens the experience of the film.

At one point in the film faramire has nearly lost his life defending a key position to Gondor he fails as he is outnumbered but his father is dreadfully displeased and sees it as an insult at this point he has gone insane and is overwhelmed with madness and starts to act irrationally.The film combines in a sense many stories into one there is the story of the great alliance and the struggle for Gondor and rohan to join forces there is the struggle of Sam and Frodo to complete there quest and destroy the ring the story of Boramire and faramire and there father slipping into madness and there is also the story of aragon trying to summon up the army of the dead to fight for the living.The steward of Gondor’s throne wishes that faramire had died instead of boramire and tells faramire this to his face and asks of him to go back and recapture the key point which he knows will be impossible and they will get outnumbered and slaughtered but he still sends him anyway faramire goes in to battle and loses his squad he then is dragged back by his horse impaled by arrows but still alive yet his father gets ready to cremate him anyway as he has gone totally mad by now but is thwarted by Gandalf and pippin.


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