The First and Second World Wars, though two decades apart, are simply phases of the same war because unresolved conflicts and other factors caused by the First World War are what ultimately led to the Second World War. The First World War left much of Europe in economic crisis. Germany in was impacted particularly hard, suffering huge territorial loss after they were defeated by the allies (Serbia, Russia, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium and the United States).

After their defeat, the german government had no choice but to sign the treaty of versailles. The treaty of Versailles was a peace treaty meant to end the war, signed exactly 5 years following the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and consisted of 440 articles setting out the terms for Germany’s punishment. The terms of the treaty can be classified into three groups; territorial (provisions that took land away from Germany), military (provisions that limited germanys armed forces), and financial/economic (provisions that restricted Germany’s economic growth). Germany was not allowed to join the Covenant League Of Nations, they were forbidden to unite with Austria, large chucks of their land were given away, they were not allowed to have an air force, their army was restricted to 100 000 men, and they were held responsible for all loss and damaged caused by the war, and were to pay a debt later set at 132 billion gold marks.The german people were unhappy with the laws set by the treaty of versialles, whcih seemed unfair to them. They were dissatisfied with their government and the way their country was being run. The rise of hitler and the nazi party can be credited to unhappy people looking for innovation and change in their country. Hitler promised new jobs and econmic growth for the country.

He blamed germanys problems on the “corrupt” politicians, communists, and Jewish people. He gave angry citizen somone to blame. Shortly after he was elected, he invaded Poland and began the war. You could say hitler started the second world war, but really it was the treaty that made geramns elect him that caused it. The League Of Nations was an international organization created in hope of bringing world peace after the First World War. The First World War was sometimes referred to as “The Great War” because it was the largest war that had ever occured at that point in history.

The league of nations was created to help stop something like that from happening again. Clearly, it didn’t excatly work as planned. Many countries, including the United States, never joined, and Germany and the Soviet Union were not allowed to join.

The countries that were members did not want to provide armed forces for the league, and its collective security conflicted with their international relations. Pacifism and disarmament were also a large factor in the fall of the league; because it took away military forces that countries needed to act on its behalf. The league did not have the power or resources to control conflict and lost complete power during the 1930’s.At this time, with no peace effort being made, old tensions from the first war began to rise again. (I’m going to elaborate on this I just don’t have enough information on it yet)


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