The perfect relationship. Does it exist?Is there a thing known as ‘THE PERFECT RELATIONSHIP’? What is Perfect? Perfect everything that is right for YOU. You yourself define your relations. What is perfect in the eyes of one person maybe not be so for the other. And let’s admit it relationships are tough.

More so when you actually sit and think about it. There is no denying the fact that any kind of relationship, romantic or not, needs time and effort. But is time and effort all you need for a healthy relationship? Is the concept of the perfect relationship so ingrained in us that we forget what actually is important? Here are a few things you can do to make sure that not only is your relationship perfect for YOU but is also healthy and blooming..

. TalkTalking is the first and foremost thing to keep in mind. While it is okay to sometimes not be in the mood to discuss and communicate but taking up this habit would harm you and your loved ones in the long term. Communication is important for any kind of relationship. Just like you like to share a piece of good news with your significant other, try to share the bad news as well. This will do wonders to your relationship and help build trust and respect between the two of you.Forgive and ForgetAre we not entitled to make mistakes once in a while? We are humans after all.

So why not try to look past all the small mistakes and approach every situation with a level head. Sure, not everything can be forgiven and forgotten, but an effort can be made to not let every small argument come between your happiness.Choose your battlesLearn to choose your battles. Not everything is worth fighting for. Sometimes, being calm and composed can save your relationship from going down the hill. Thank There is nothing wrong in feeling grateful and expressing it. Saying ‘Thank You’ can be difficult for some but these are two simple words which can have a great effect on the bond which the two of you share.

Thank yourself for being you, thank your partner for being there for you and thank god for making you who you are today. It isn’t that difficult. Try it!ApologizeIf there is a word people fear more than ‘thank you’, it has to be ‘Sorry’. It may feel like a sign of weakness, it may hurt your ego to utter the simple word but no one can deny the feeling you get after you genuinely apologize to someone for something wrong you have done. A weight lifts off your chest and you instantly feel light. Once again, try it!Spend time togetherNo matter how busy you are with work, take out sometime for your special one. Time is an important asset, utilize it wisely.

Spend time separately No matter how much you enjoy each other’s company, spending all your time with one single person is toxic. Have your own set of friends, talk to them about anything and everything. Enjoying some time separately not only makes your relationship stronger but also gives you space to think and have a clear perspective of things around you.

Travel Best way to relax? Travel. No more emphasis can be given to the fact that travelling is therapeutic. Pack your bags every once in a while, and go explore a new city, a new country, pump some adrenaline and go for an adventure, do something crazy, be free. Travelling gives the both of you some time to unwind and enjoy each other’s company without any distractions. Create beautiful memories and cherish them for life!You create your own PERFECTAll of us dream of a perfect relationship, but is perfect the same for everyone? We grow up watching romantic films and reading romantic books, which make us fantasize about how one day we will too, have a happily ever after.

But life is not a film or a book. Have realistic expectations and remember that you and only you have the power to create your own PERFECT!


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