The Jaguars or scientifically known as the panthera onca. The Jaguars descriptions are they have yellow or orange coats, dark spots and short legs.

The jaguar spots look like a rose and called rosettes. Jaguars have jaws and large head especially for piercing the skull of their prey with their canines.  They are primarily nocturnal with activity levels high at dawn and dusk. Jaguars exceptional swimmers cause they may live in rainforest, try to cool off, or catch food.  The Jaguar class is that they are mammals of Animalia Kingdom.

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Jaguars habitats are in the rainforests. ¨They prefer wet lowland habitats, swampy savannas, or tropical rain forests.¨  They mostly prefer tropical or subtropical rainforest. They also live in forest or grasslands, living near bodies of water like rivers and lakes.  The jaguars  can live up to 12 to 15 years. The jaguars diets are that they are carnivores which means that eat meat for a diet.   Jaguars will  grow up to be 5 to 6 feet tall for the head and body size. The tail size is about 27.

5 inches to 36 inches. They  weigh about 100 to 250 pounds. They are third largest cat next to lions and tigers. ¨Jaguars will climb trees to prepare an ambush to kill their prey with one powerful bite.

¨  ¨Jaguars live alone and define territories of many square miles by marking with their waste.¨ The young jaguars are taught to hunt by their mother for two years or even more. Jaguars are more likely to be found in remote regions of central and south America and particularly in the Amazon Basin. Female jaguar can have to one to four litters of cubs that are blind and helpless at birth. The main reason while jaguars are endangered is because their are hunted or poached for their fur. Farmers kill Jaguars to protect their livestock from being attacked by jaguars.

Humans are destroying the habitats of the Jaguars in Central and South America because of human resources being increased. Jaguars are becoming endangered because of smog problems that are destroying the grass that makes hide from hunters. If the Jaguars have become extinct the prey that jaguars hunt and eat will overpopulate like the Capybaras. Food that Capybara eats with eventually be eaten alway then the Capybaras will then die off also. The other species that Jaguars prey on will overpopulate the environment as well. I suggest that we should stop illegal hunting or poaching of Jaguars.

Humans should stop destroying the jaguars natural habitat and leave their community alone to stop jaguars from being more endangered. These are the actions that have been suggested to reverse the actions of Jaguars to not become Endangered anymore. More facts about jaguars are that the male jaguars weigh to about 126 pounds to 250 pounds.

The females will weigh to about 100 to 200 pounds. In the months of August and september jaguars will begin mating season and the female will carry her cubs for about 100 days then give birth to her cubs. Jaguar are known to have really good eyesight at night because of a layer of tissue in the back of the eye that reflects light.

Jaguars are said to be to found in the Southwestern part of the United States of America.


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