The 3P’sThe use of each of the marketing mixis very important because each of them to need to perfect for it to work.

Forexample, the price. The price needs to be perfect. If the price of theproducts, in this case merchandise and tickets are too high then people willnot buy them as they are overvalued.

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However, if the price of the products istoo low then consumers will think that the products quality is poor. If the placewhere the product is being sold is not correct then people will not buy theproduct and again the level of sales will decrease and the business will not beable to operate and survive. Product, if the product is not perfect to the placein which it is being sold then the product will not sell. The place must berelative to where the product is being sold, for example selling merchandise atChelsea’s stadium.The 7P’sThere arealso an extended 3 more p’s from the product mix. Together these are called theextended 7p’s. The extended p’s are people, process and the physicalenvironment.

  The people is who makecontact with customers in delivering the product. This is important because isthe people that are selling the product need to be targeting the correct peopleotherwise they will not be increasing sales. The next of the extended marketingmix is the process. The process is the systems and processes that deliver andmake sure a product is delivered to a customer. This is important because ifthe system or process does not deliver the products to the customers, thecustomers will be upset and due to the poor satisfaction will not buy anyfurther products in the future. Finally, the last of the extended marketing mixis the physical environment. The physical environment is the elements of theenvironment that the customer experiences.

This is important because if theenvironment that the product is being sold in does not correlate to the productitself then the product will not sell.


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