The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest
Hemingway presents the fisherman (Santiago) as an ideal man, independent in his
actions, eager to following his calling, and willing to take chances in life.
No matter how his body is beaten, his sprit remain undefeated, undefeatable,
through all traits. Hemingway has created a hero who personifies honor,
courage, endurance, and faith. There are days where it is a struggle to get out
of bed. We don’t want to go to work, or school, or really do anything. Instead,
we want to avoid all our responsibilities and spend the day at home avoiding
everything. If this scenario happened to be made into a story, it would be
considered a conflict of man versus self. We are fighting with ourselves over
honoring responsibilities. A fight with a co-worker, partner, or parent would
be man versus man. In Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea, the old man,
Santiago, fights against nature. Many people have awesome qualities, but really
not too many have courage. Courage is “the ability to face a fear, pain or a
difficult obstacle”. Having courage you can stand up for what you believe is
right or wrong, and face anything at any time. Also it’s being brave for you or
someone else, and make you fearless, making you feel like you can’t be
unstopped and unthinking able measures to get what you need. So in the old man
in the sea Santiago, his strong sense of purpose, to go out on the ocean every
day shows great fortitude and a lot of bravery. He believe that he’ll
successful every time when he go onto the ocean, it doesn’t matter to him what
others say or do. He face type or adversity before giving eighty seven days
before catching a fish, believing that it still takes courage to face that. The
old man is unique in his relationship to and understanding of the natural
world. He speak about the sea as though it were a woman, the birds as friends, and
the sharks as personal enemies. He examines the relationship between turtles
and jellyfish, between fish and birds. The creatures and the natural world
become a lens through which we examine the old man; they become parables and
analogies that allow us to gain insight into his character. In Hemingway’s tale
of the struggle of man against the sea, there is the establishment of opposing
forces, while at the same time there is a respectful acknowledgement of the
puissance of Nature against which man is often powerless. Despite his prowess
as a fisherman, Santiago recognizes the superiority of the sea.


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